32 Family-Friendly 80s Movies to Watch with Your Kids


Where are my 80s kids at? You know who you are, the ones who survived the years of big hair, leg warmers, stirrup pants, neon everything, crimped hair, off-the-shoulder shirts, Jazzercise, fanny packs and scrunchies. It’s funny how some of those trends have come full circle! I’m looking at you scrunchies and fanny packs. The 80s wasn’t just about questionable fashion statements; there was a lot of classic entertainment that came out of that decade, including one of the most classic lines of all time, “Bueller?” Here’s a list of the best family-friendly 80’s movies to watch with your kids. Grab some popcorn, a cozy blanket and cuddle up on the couch with your people for a trip down nostalgia lane with any one of these favorites.

Rated G

1. The Little Mermaid
2. An American Tale
3. The Land Before Time
4. The Muppets Take Manhattan

Rated PG

5. Big
5. A Christmas Story
7. Beetlejuice
8. ET
9. Gremlins
10. The Empire Strikes Back
11. The Princess Bride
12. Labyrinth
13. Back to the Future
14. Ghostbusters
15. The Karate Kid
16. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
17. The Neverending Story
18. Clue
19. Turner and Hooch
20. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
21. Harry and the Hendersons
22. Field of Dreams
23. The Goonies
24. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
25. Teen Wolf
26. Peewee’s Big Adventure
27. Little Monsters
28. Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Rate PG-13

29. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
30. Adventures in Babysitting
31. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
32. Look Who’s Talking

Which 80’s movies do you want to watch first?

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