4 Reasons Why Our 2 Years with Goldfish Have Been #1


Thanks to our friends at Goldfish Swim School-Dublin, Goldfish Swim School-Westerville, and Goldfish Swim School-Lewis Center for sponsoring this post and providing an opportunity for such a great way to learn to swim. The opinions that follow are solely those of the author.

Two years ago, our family joined Goldfish Swim School in Dublin. My son was three at the time. He was afraid to put his nose in the water. He certainly couldn’t put on goggles and swiftly swim across the width of the pool on his on, which he can do now as a “Pro 2” swimmer. He has moved way beyond his first lesson, far past our desire for comfort and safety in the pool. In the water, he’s 100% comfortable and safe. Now, he’s a swimmer.

Here are the top four reasons we have loved the last two years with Goldfish Swim School:

  1. The swim instructors are the best. The smiles, the high fives, the consistently high expectations, all of it. The swim instructors are always ready to have fun and give my swimmers just the right push that they need to improve. At the end of each lesson, the instructors provide cheerful, specific feedback and give my swimmers the chance to show off what they’re most proud of. We love the Goldfish Swim School swim instructors.
  2. We can swim all year long. And we do, which is definitely the key to our kids’ success and progress. The 90-degree pool is a huge reason our kids are excited to swim each week. There’s no fear of freezing for the first few minutes. At GSS, swimming isn’t a summer-only activity, which means our kids are ready when all of the other pools open for the summer.
  3. Goldfish Swim School loves their customers. Our kids love the member celebration weeks (free candy!) and the holiday and seasonal coloring pages. My wife and I love how easy it is to rearrange our lessons to fit any schedule changes, not to mention that everyone knows our kids. Whether it’s the shift manager, the desk supervisors, or all of the past instructors, our kids are always greeted with enthusiasm (even our baby, who isn’t swimming yet!). Show me a place that makes my kids feel loved and special, and you have a place that feels like home.
  4. My favorite thing about Goldfish Swim School is how I’ve seen my kids grow and challenge themselves. My kids have had tough lessons where their skills have been tested. With the help of their instructors, my kids continue to build their resilience. My kids have had tired days when they didn’t want to swim, and they’ve cried a few tears when they struggled to summon the energy in the pool. But those moments pass quickly when they play Duck-Duck-Splash or put on flippers to jet across the pool. Put simply, my wife and I are proud to see our kids grow up into amazing little swimmers at Goldfish Swim School.

We continue to be so grateful for our experience at Goldfish Swim School. My wife routinely says, “Our kids know how to swim better than I do.” They swim better than I do, too. GSS has created two amazing swimmers in our family. Here’s to our next two years (and beyond) at Goldfish Swim School!