7 Mom-Approved Reasons to Send your Kids to Cooking Camp at Young Chefs Academy

Thanks to our friends at Young Chefs Academy of Gahanna for sponsoring this post and sharing more about their cooking camps!

Conveniently located off Hamilton road in Gahanna, Young Chefs Academy teaches your kiddo valuable life skills in a fun, hands-on setting.  At Cooking Camp your kids will learn the basics of cooking and baking, independence, and kitchen safety.  The best part though?  The kids will just be having fun!  Here are 7 mom-approved reasons to sign your kids up for Cooking Camp this summer! Be sure to use the Promo Code: COOLMOM to take $10 off any camp!

1. Development of life-long skills

Can you imagine your child making their own after school snack in grade school? Or how about making dinner for the family in middle school? At YCA cooking camps your kiddos will learn skills like kitchen safety, cooking techniques, and proper food handling. The skills they learn will stay with them forever!

2.  Cooking Camps are perfect for any age! 

From KinderCooks (ages 4-6) to Junior Chefs (ages 7-10) and Senior Chefs (ages 11-15), every age has a place at the kitchen table at YCA.  Choose from fun themes and age appropriate classes.  No matter what age, classes are 100% hands on and most recipes are from scratch using fresh, healthy ingredients!

3.  Better eating habits  

Would you be surprised if your child ate Vegetarian Lasagna, Whole Wheat Pasta with Turkey Meatballs or Couscous?  Just wait and see! When kids have a hand in cooking, they are more willing to try things.  At YCA, kids are encouraged to try new things through creativity and exploration by incorporating different ingredients into kid friendly recipes.

4.  Mom and Dad don’t have to clean-up!

Most parents shy away from cooking with their kids because it can be such a mess.  Leave the cleaning to YCA! In fact… leave it to the kids because at YCA, young chefs are encouraged to clean as they go.  From loading the dishwasher, to putting ingredients away, and from cleaning the table to setting the perfect table, it’s all the kids’ responsibility.

5.  No Special Skills Required

Your kid doesn’t have to be a math whiz, artistic, or athletic.  Guess why?  Because everyone eats!  Boys and girls, young and old, shy or extroverted…cooking is an activity any child can enjoy and appreciate. 

6.  Sharpen up During Summer Time. 

Cooking incorporates math, science, history, reading and much more! Kids will learn the history of Italy while making pizza, how to add fractions while doubling a recipe, and even the science of oxidation while making guacamole. Keep them learning all summer long and they’ll be ready for the school year in August.

7.  It’s Fun! 

Choose from a ton of fun themes.  Have a future baker?  Try the cake decorating class.  Want to compete like on a TV show?  Try the YCA Gets Chopped Competition.  Have a little one who loves to read?  Take them to the Fairy Tale Flavors camp.  At YCA there is a fun theme for anyone!

For more information on Young Chefs Academy camps, visit our website here.