Roo Yoga Company’s Mindfulness Kits: fostering creativity, promoting calmness and making memories

This post was sponsored by Roo Yoga Company, but the opinions are totally my own.

Samantha and I have never met a sensory bin we didn’t like – and the darling kits from Roo Yoga Company are no exception! Founded by local mommas Ellie Price and Heather Pierro, Roo Yoga Company’s mission and methodology is simple: Yoga is for everybody. Roo Yoga believes that “children can practice mindfulness strategies to calm their body, focus their mind, & center their soul.” In a world where we move a million miles a minute, where our kids can sense our tension and stress, and when oftentimes our kids spend maybe a little too much time in front of a screen (I’m super guilty of this), we could all use a little more Roo in our lives. 

After a quick scroll of Roo Yoga Company’s website, it was a no-brainer for us which kit we selected to experience, the Peace & Calm Mindfullness Kit (aka the one which came with hedgehogs – I live with a very hedgehog-obsessed four-year-old). But if hedgehogs aren’t your thing, Roo has you covered, offering multiple custom sensory bins ranging from a colorful rainbow kit to a playful construction kit. Bins average about $38 each.

While each bin is unique in its own way, the concept is simple — bright, colorful rice, noodles or beans coupled with darling, tiny treasures – little toys, spoons, bowls, funnels, and more – all with the intent to provide screen-less entertainment for your littles while giving them the opportunity to create, explore and imagine. 

sensory kit
sensory kit

Samantha loves a presentation (I mean, who doesn’t!?) so when I received the bin, I cleared off the kitchen island, grabbed her step stool and got everything ready. I also put on some of our favorite music (Frank Sinatra of course!). I love creating experiences for her and music just instantly adds to it.

Once it was set, I called her in. Her eyes literally lit up! Her first reaction, not surprisingly, was to the new hedgehog toys (naturally, ha!) but once she got past that excitement she instantly grabbed the utensils and got to work – building paths with the wooden stepping stones, funneling the colorful rice, building a “house” out of the sticks and wood circles. For a constantly never-stop-moving, always talking four-year-old, this bin was just what she needed to sit still and calmly play. 

IMG_5050 (1)

What I love about sensory bins – including this one – is that not only are they an activity we can do together but also there’s just something so calming about them. I’m the first to admit I’m high-strung and on a good day my anxiety hangs out at about an 8 – so the fact that Samantha and I can sit together – away from any screens – and create and imagine together is so rewarding for me. 

I can’t recommend these calming sensory bins enough. They are perfect for keeping little (and big) hands busy, inspiring creativity and most importantly, fostering little moments with our kiddos. When life gets too crazy, too busy, and too intense, it’s amazing what a bin of colorful rice can teach us.

sensory bin creation
smiles with sensory kit bins
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