Simple Ways to Stay Active at Home


Being stuck at home can make days feel long, your home small, and the kids full of unlimited energy. Coming up with new and interesting ways to keep kids active and entertained can feel overwhelming.

Here are a few simple ways to stay active.

Outside Activities

Weather permitting, getting outside is always good for everyone.

Walking around the block, while on the walk talk about what is neighborhood: trees, animals, flowers. My son is into collecting things such as rocks, sticks, leaves, and flowers.

Other outdoor activities such as chalk help with creativity or practice with letters and numbers.

For even more ideas, take a look at this post: Backyard Play: Quick and Easy Ideas

Chores/ Cleaning

In our house, we usually put off a lot of chores and cleaning. So when we know we are staying home for once it is time to tackle some long overdue chores. Re-organize a room. Clean out the garage, Wash windows, mop and sweeping. Fold and put away all the laundry! It is a great time to teach kids how to complete chores.

For  more on how to get started, read this post: How to Introduce Chores into Your Child’s Life

Kid-friendly Workout

Any way to get those little bodies moving and using all their muscles.

Youtube is a great place to find lots of different workouts for all ages.

Also making up your own simple workouts that can include stretches, running in place, jumping to help move your body.

working out at home with kids

Dance Party

Turn on the music and get all the wiggles out. There are many great songs/videos on YouTube or put on your own personal playlist. This is a fun activity to teach the kids dance routines or old popular dance moves… Macarena anyone?!

Indoor Games/Toys

There are a lot of different ways to stay active inside and sometimes thinking outside the box with household items to create different games.

Ball toss- using laundry baskets. You can colors and numbers to the baskets to practice colors and counting.

Homemade obstacle course: This can be really creative using everyday household items such as couch cushions, pillows, chairs throughout the house.

Indoor Championship Games: This can include a variety of different games for the kids. Some ideas include simple tumbling for gymnastics, ball toss for basketball, and wear socks on a surface that slide to pretend to do an ice-skating routine.

There are some great ideas here to stay active: 20 Things to Do with Young Kids When You’re Stuck Inside

Staying home sometimes can sound boring, but it is a great opportunity to slow down and make memories with our children as they grow up before we know it.

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Nicole Fluty
Nicole was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. She graduated with her bachelors in nursing from the University of Toledo in 2009. In 2012, she moved to Columbus for a big city, single girl life, but as life would have it, started dating her husband six months later and the rest is history. She joined the motherhood club in May 2016 with the birth of son Austin and welcomed daughter Madelyn in July 2019. When not keeping up with her two kids, she works full time. On weekends, a favorite activity is getting together with friends that have multiple kids and enjoying the chaos of three year olds and babies, while attempting to watch a whole football game without tears or reminding a kid to share. Nicole’s top three ways for self-care are a quick run in her neighborhood, a glass of wine, and retail therapy. She considers brunch the best meal of the day with a mission to find the best places for french toast in Columbus.