Three Cheers for Star Lanes!

Recently, our contributor, Jessica, and her kids (Sadie – 8, Colin – 6 and Elise – 4) spent an afternoon at Star Lanes –Polaris. We thank Star Lanes for this fun opportunity to play and review your facility! Here’s her experience:

First Impression

When you walk through the doors of Star Lanes Polaris, the arcade is to your right, a nice dining space is to your left and bowling is straight ahead. It’s a very fancy entrance! It was not the kid-type of place I was used to. This felt more upscale.




The bowling alley was for sure the highlight! The lanes were nicely kept, the shoes were comfortable and clean and they even had kids balls that had holes for every finger! That really helped with my little one.

When setting up the bowling game, you could customize it with your child’s picture. At first, I thought this was really cool, and then I realized I had to hold each kid up to the camera because they weren’t tall enough. While I broke a slight sweat setting up the game because of this, it was worth it. The kids loved seeing their faces on screen as they went up to bowl. It was a nice touch.  

What I also loved about the bowling was that you could choose to put the bumpers up for an individual. At first, my two younger kids had the rails up and my oldest didn’t. After a few gutter balls, Sadie decided she wanted the bumpers, so I asked the front desk and they were able to hit a switch and she had bumpers! I loved this feature.

XD Dark Ride

My two older kids LOVED this ride! However, my youngest did not. When I asked if it was appropriate for her, the staff member said it was, but it definitely wasn’t. We did “Robot Riot” which I thought sounded cute and innocent, but it scared my four-year-old and I ended up having her close her eyes. Thankfully the ride didn’t last that long and I learned a lesson.  

Again, older kids loved it, little one not so much. 




Game Room

After the Dark Ride, we went to the game room. The game room is a decent size with more than 50 games for kids to choose from such as Skeeball, Batman Arcade Racing, Fruit Ninja and a basketball shootout game.

I had differing levels of excitement from the kids. Honestly, I think they were a little worn out from the bowling.

There were not a lot of options for my youngest although she did like playing Fruit Ninja on a large touch screen TV.  

My six-year-old son loved it but didn’t quite get the grasp of his tickets loading onto his game card. His favorite game was the Batman Arcade Racing.

My eight-year-old had a nice time and really liked playing Skeeball (who doesn’t?!).    

Food & Drink:

Coveting her delicious corn dog!

We were treated to appetizers and drinks while we bowled. We chose the hand-battered hot dogs (SUPER delicious, the coating was the best I’ve ever had!), soft pretzel dippers (these were good, selection of three dipping sauces was nice) and gouda mac and cheese bites (get out of town, these were scrumptious!). With the three appetizers for the four of us, it would have been $25, which isn’t that bad. There was enough food for all of us. 

I would go back just to try all of the delicious food!





We dealt with two staff members who were nice and were prompt when we needed help with anything (like switching the bumpers on when my eight-year-old decided she needed them!).  


The entire facility was very clean.  

Overall impression

I would go back with my older kids, mainly for the food and bowling. I feel this would be an ideal place for the pre-tween and tween in your life. Star Lanes –Polaris would also be a fun place to go to with your friends!

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Jessica is a native of Cleveland, OH (well, a small town 30-minutes outside of CLE, Perry, have you heard of it?!) who moved with her family of five to Columbus in 2014 on a giant leap of faith. Columbus has not disappointed from Day One. She is mom to three great kids, Sadie (7), Colin (5) and Elise (3). Somehow the kids ended up each being 26-months apart, something this not-so-mathematically inclined mama definitely did not plan! She’s been married to her husband Brian for ten years and credits him for (mostly) keeping her crazy in check. Her work is one of her passions – she works media relations in the field of organ, eye and tissue donation. Her job brings her great pride and joy and she actually looks forward going into work every single day. Her other passion is advocating for stage four breast cancer research. Jessica lost her mom in 2013, after a two-year, harrowing road with cancer. She tries to raise awareness for the spread of breast cancer and to educate others on supporting causes that fund stage four research to save lives. Jessica recently won her first Blue Ribbon at the Ohio State Fair for “Button Price” a button art (yes, that’s a thing) rendition of Prince (the singer and purple legend), loves Beyoncé, will never turn down the opportunity of a mid-Saturday nap and is excited to continue exploring this great city we live in!