How to Throw a Birthday Party for Under $100 – for 25 People!


How to Throw a Birthday Party for Under $100 – for 25 People!

I started thinking about my daughter’s first birthday when she was about six months old. I realized that time was flying by, and she would be one before I could blink. One thing I knew was that I was NOT going to pay for the crazy, albeit beautiful, birthday parties I saw on Pinterest, but I still wanted it to be a nice occasion for our whole family.

kisselbday2First things first, I started with invitations. These I found in the Target dollar aisle. They always have an array of cards and thank you notes, so I picked up three packs of invitations and three packs of matching thank you notes for a total of $6.

Next on the list was food. About a week before the party, I called around to every pizza place in Columbus and just as I expected, the big chains were the cheapest option. Papa John’s gave us their catering price at $7 per large one topping pizza. We got a variety of 8 pizzas for $56.

Cake. Can’t have a birthday party without cake! I knew I wanted to make this myself. My mom always made our birthday cakes, so it felt like a rite of passage for me as a mother. I bought a couple flavors of boxed cake mix at the store and two bags of icing mix, for a total of about $5 for 48 cupcakes!


As for décor, I went straight to the dollar tree. Streamers, cups, plates, plasticware, napkins, wrapping paper, and I was out of there for $10. They have a ton of different colors to fit your theme, and even though I’m cheap, I’m still chic, so I went will all white.

The finishing touch for our party was getting a few helium filled balloons from party city. The plain latex ones are about a dollar a piece so we got ten for $10.

Grand Total for the party with 25 guests –

Invites/Thank You’s – $6

Pizza – $56

Cake – $5

Décor – $10

Balloons – $10


Total – $87!


Since we came in under budget for our party, I decided to splurge and get some of those great big letter balloons to spell out “one.” At $10 per balloon, we ended up spending $117 total for the party. We ended up getting some great shots of our birthday girl with the big balloons, so I’m glad we decided to get them!


Are you a penny pincher for your kid’s birthday parties or are you a parent that goes all out? Let us know in the comments!


  1. So timely! Abigail’s birthday is next month and I’ve been agonizing over this all week :/
    All I’ve figured out so far is invitations – free editable & printable designs at ! Kudos for the DIY cake – birthday cakes are meant to be elegant,yet dine with love!

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