Allison grew up in Indianapolis, IN and prior to her arrival in Columbus lived in South Bend, IN, London, Montana, and Chicago. Moving to Columbus one year ago didn't feel like that big of a change (yay Midwest) except that both she and her husband started new jobs, had their first child, and met all new friends. Allison works full-time in marketing and savors every moment at home with her now 1-year-old little boy (except for those moments where he should be asleep but he's not, or threw his sippy cup on the ground resulting in a milk explosion, or finds yet another area of the house that needs to be baby proofed - so maybe not every moment). Allison and her family love to be outside taking walks, going to parks, finding new activities for the baby, and trying their best to keep him behaved at restaurants and coffee shops. Allison loves reading, writing, staying active, spending time with friends and family, and large amounts of coffee. She is looking forward to getting to know Columbus even better through writing and adventures with her family.

Living by your Priorities

Newborn Stage In the first few moments after our son arrived, I wept huge fat tears of joy, relief, and release.  He was here!  He was healthy!  For a person who likes to plan and...