Amy Rogers

Amy Rogers has been a resident of the Buckeye State her entire life, so not too long because she is young and wrinkle-free. She is a mother of two and an elementary teacher on hiatus. Amy works part time as an educational consultant writing forensic science curriculum for the Bureau of Criminal Investigations, and full time as a mother and domestic engineer. She considers herself a hybrid parent. Not completely helicopter, but not fully free-range. Somewhere nicely in the middle. When Amy isn’t busy enjoying family stuff or working outside the home, you can find her reading, writing, being in nature, playing volleyball, eating her daily fix of chocolate, or trying to sleep. You can also find her on her blog: Life Unfiltered.

Mental Health Awareness Month – “Stamp out Stigma”

  Talk about it! This is such an important message to share. If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health issues, be brave and courageous and share your symptoms with a medical...
National Deep Dish Pizza Day

National Deep Dish Pizza Day – April 5th

  Say what? Yep, it’s a holiday. First declared as a National Holiday in 2009, National Deep Dish Pizza day honors Chicago’s contribution to American pizza cuisine. It was designated seven years ago to honor UNO’s...

My Druthers: Snow vs. Swim Prep?

It’s March in Ohio, which has me thinking…will we as moms be prepping for more snow play, or will we not see our shadows when we come out from hibernating in our yoga pants? ...