Ashley Liles

Ashley Liles
Ashley Liles of Gahanna is a local, frugal mama of three girls who started Columbus for Kids in 2017 after friends and family took notice of her numerous kid-friendly ‘adventures’ around the city. Her mission is to provide fun activities around Columbus and beyond. Her family loves exploring nature, which she incorporates into her posts along with other diverse learning experiences.  By the end of the night, all she wants to do is relax on the couch and watch mindless tv, adventuring for an average of 4 hours a day and keeping 3 kids under 5 fed and happy is a tough job! You can follow her here, Cbus 4 Kids
fall crafts

Fall Crafts and Nature Fun

It's Fall! My girls enjoy nature and fall, crinkling leaves and all the crisp smells. We’re all about the holidays that accompany fall too. We even decorated for Halloween at the beginning of September. Anyone...