Cat I

Cat I
Cat I although not an Ohio native, she and her family have lived in Columbus for 5 years and have come to call the city home. She has three children twin girl and a son. She is a stay-at-home mom by week, and a NICU nurse by weekend. Cat has been blogging for several years. She enjoys sharing witty insight to all things parenting. Cat enjoys minivans, hot coffee (that wasn’t rewarmed 3 times) skinny jeans, spicy food, all things gingham pattern, pretty décor, her crockpot, and skiing. She looks forward to sharing her simple pearls of wisdom.
shaded park

Shaded Playgrounds In Columbus

Summers are HOT in Columbus and our kids all enjoy being outside at the parks. We at Columbus Mom have compiled a list of parks that won't leave you frying in the sun. The...
family-friendly brewery

Columbus Kid-Friendly Happy Hours and Breweries

Looking for a spot to enjoy a drink with friends and family but don't want to get a babysitter? How about bringing the kids with you to your next happy hour with the crew?...
Caterers in Columbus

Columbus Catering

Cooking for a crowd can be very daunting, so why not consider catering your next event?! Columbus has some amazing restaurants and businesses to cater your next baby shower, graduation, tailgate, holiday event, or birthday. Here...
Infertility support

Friendships and Infertility

  I have a wonderful group of mom friends here in Columbus, they are so special to me!  For some of my dearest friends conceiving their children was a long road.  I am grateful that...
spots to take more than one kid

Columbus Play Date Spots for Parents of Multiples

  Taking more than one child of the exact same age, out in public can be one daunting task. I am a mom of twin girls. When my girls were young it was such a...
where to go in Hilliard

Hilliard’s Favorite Spots for Play, Eats, and Treats

Columbus Moms Blog strives to provide our readers with information all about Columbus, this includes our fantastic suburbs. Whether you are visiting from another suburb for the day, or new to the area, or...

When Your Kids Teepee the Bathroom….

I was having one of those weeks. I mean let's be 100 percent real, I was having a bad month. You know those days or weeks when you feel you are literally loosing every...

Non “Fast-Food” Lunch Spots in Columbus

I am out and about a lot with my twins during the day. It is just easier some days to grab lunch while I am out. I wanted to give my Columbus Moms some...
Columbus Skyline

Dear Columbus…Thank You…

Dear Columbus, We met in the wee morning of April 27th, 2013. I first saw you on highway 70 heading from the east. I was leaving behind four years in Washington D.C. At that time I...
playground in Dublin

6 “Mud” Free Parks

Columbus is full of some amazing parks. Early spring in Central Ohio has a tendency to be rainy. We want to get the kids outside, but sometimes we want to skip the mud. Here at...