Cat I

Cat I
Cat I although not an Ohio native, she and her family have lived in Columbus for 5 years and have come to call the city home. She has three children twin girl and a son. She is a stay-at-home mom by week, and a NICU nurse by weekend. Cat has been blogging for several years. She enjoys sharing witty insight to all things parenting. Cat enjoys minivans, hot coffee (that wasn’t rewarmed 3 times) skinny jeans, spicy food, all things gingham pattern, pretty décor, her crockpot, and skiing. She looks forward to sharing her simple pearls of wisdom.

Why I got the damn van…

Maybe it is not for you... but look... The other day I was at a local park with the kids. I was walking to the parking lot when I noticed the above sight. That would...

5 Tips To Get That Kid To EAT!

"Just One Bite" "Please Eat" "You will like it... just try." If you have a picky eater these pleas probably sound familiar. Having a child who won't eat is so frustrating. Trust me I have been there....

The Great Formula Debate

First off, I am very pro-breastfeeding. Second, I am very pro-formula feeding. Third, and most importantly, I am a huge fan of "you do you." Now that those views are out there... The other night I was sitting...

4 Storytimes To Check Out In Columbus

One of my favorite things to do with my girls is to attend Storytime in the Columbus area. These programs are great to check out with kids of all ages. I wanted to give...
playground in Grove City

10 Parks to Check Out this Spring

Spring is in the air in Columbus. I Hope everyone is recovering from those February blues. As a mom of some very active two-year-old twin girls, I like to adventure out of the house...