Elisabeth, a native of southwest Ohio, has recently moved back to her home state after 3.5 years in Dallas, TX, y’all. After having their son in early 2015, Elisabeth and her husband knew it was time to make the bittersweet decision to leave Dallas and head back home. Although neither Elisabeth nor her husband are originally from Columbus, it immediately felt comfortable and welcoming, home at last. Elisabeth is mama to a darling, wacky, and scrumptious one-year-old boy, Baby Bean, and married for over four years to the man who stole her heart with a smile junior year in college. Before embarking on her life-long dream of being a stay at home mom, Elisabeth attended law school in Cleveland and then promptly decided to become a real estate agent in Dallas. Elisabeth loves making lists of all kinds, squeezing into skinny jeans whenever possible, and truly believes nothing tastes better than that first cup of morning coffee (with lots of cream). Her favorite things include Cadbury Eggs, Christmas decorations, hotel room service, and watching Baby Bean grow and change each and every day, even if that means toddlerdom is upon her! Elisabeth is passionate about parenting, and loves to learn about the many different types of parents, child-rearing, and how individual families approach various, every day challenges. She hopes her stories can help others see a new perspective, understand that no matter what, they aren’t alone, bring forth a little bit of inspiration, and ultimately help other parents through this nutty job we’ve bestowed upon ourselves.

Interview with an Expert :: Core Connection after Three C-Section Births

Peeing my pants. Smooshy belly. Weak core. These are just some of the unpleasant side-effects I’ve dealt with three times now after having each of my children. The difference this time around is that I’ve...

The One Activity I Keep my Children Enrolled in Year-Round (and Why!)

Hi everyone!  I originally wrote this post in late 2019, before all of this pandemic craziness.  I'm updating this post now, to not only remind everyone of this amazing locally owned family business, but...

Sharing a Bowl of Comforting Ice Cream with My Kids

Growing up in a family of wonderful cooks, from my Mom and Dad, to my grandmas and aunts, I enjoyed belly-warming meatloaves, creamy mamaliga (a Romanian polenta dish), beef bourguignon, fettuccine Alfredo, and many...

Pelvic Floor Health During Pregnancy

I was recently invited to have a private Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy session at Fitness Matters, which being more than half-way through my third pregnancy, I desperately needed. Perhaps you read Faith’s post on Pelvic...
places to workout in Columbus

Columbus Fitness Guide

Self-care mama. It's oh so important, but it is oh so difficult as busy mamas, believe us, we get it. But is it impossible? No way! And you know what? We think you're worth...

Wrapping up 2018 at the CMB Noon Year’s Eve Party

Nothing makes us happier than connecting with our community.  And this past Monday, we got to do just that - live, and in-person, at our first ever Noon Year's Eve party!  We celebrated with...

Celebrate Noon Year’s Eve with Columbus Moms Blog!

Remember when you were 22 and New Year's Eve meant sparkly dresses, sky-high heels, taxis (we're old, this was def. before Uber and Lyft), buckets of champagne, loud music, confetti, and a rowdy midnight...

::CMB Moms Night Out at AR Workshop Worthington::

Hey Mamas!  Save the date for June 13th! Columbus Moms Blog is so excited to announce our very first Moms Nights Out. We're inviting you to come down to AR Workshop Worthington to get...

2018 Columbus Summer Camp Guide

It's hard to believe, but NOW is the time to start the planning process and register for Columbus summer camps, so to help in your planning, we've partnered with a ton of wonderful businesses that are highlighted...

Capitol Debate Summer Camp: A Life-Changing Experience

Capitol Debate is proud to announce its Summer Debate Camp program at Ohio State University this year. This camp will run for 2 weeks from June 3rd - June 15th, 2018 at OSU. You...