Erin grew up in San Antonio, Texas, and prior to her arrival in Columbus ten years ago, had seen snow only once in her life (when she was five years old). Due to this early lack-of-snow trauma, she has become a compulsive coat and jacket hoarder. Or maybe she's just a real Midwesterner now. Erin has a career past in PR, Marketing and Communications and is currently a stay-at-home mom to a Kindergartner girl and preschooler boy. She has dreams of freelancing now that both kids are out of diapers. She also has dreams of buying a sheep farm in Nova Scotia, but the former is much more likely. Erin's husband is from Derbyshire in England. He has never read Pride and Prejudice, but possibly saw one of the movie versions in school. Erin and her family enjoy not taking long road trips (Driving to Florida? Really?!), entertaining friends at home, and ordering everything through Amazon Prime. As an individual, Erin enjoys walking, listening to WCBE but never pledging (actually she did pledge once and knows she should do it again and promises she will next year), and spending too much time on Facebook. She and her family live in Westerville. You can contact her at [email protected].
Christmas performance

Uptown Scrooge: A Holiday Tradition You Won’t Forget

The holidays are exciting. And draining. Also joyful, stressful, bountiful and, well, just full. Once you’re a parent, the holidays become even more so because of the desire to make the season magical for...
house window

On Looking Through My Own Window

I have a big imagination. BIG. Unfortunately, it's most often put to use inventing incredibly detailed worse-case-scenario montages. My husband says I should be a horror writer because of the way I'm able to...

Please Stop Asking My Kids to Sell Stuff

Enough. With. The. Fundraisers.  Today, as I picked up my second grader from school, she excitedly told me: "Mom, we had an assembly today to talk about selling things, and if I sell two things,...

Why Fall in Central Ohio Is the Best!

It's finally fall, y'all! And I can throw in that last word without a hint of irony because I grew up in sweltering south Texas, where both "y'all" and wearing shorts in December are...

A Family Visitor’s Guide to Westerville

When we moved to Westerville three years ago from a more urban, centrally-located portion of Columbus, I was excited but also had a few reservations. What if the sense of community I was hoping...

What Keeps This Stay-at-Home Mom up at Night

It's summer break and I am exhausted. Bone tired. Want-to-curl-up-in-the-fetal-position-at-the-end-of-the-day tired. After nine months of having three measly afternoons to myself all school year (while my big girl was in first grade and my...

Why Don’t We Watch TV Together Anymore?

Who else out there remembers watching TV with their parents? I sure do. There was "Remington Steele," "Hart to Hart" and the bizarre yet enchanting "Beauty and the Beast" (starring a pre-"Terminator" Linda Hamilton) with...

Mother’s Little Helper

I'm starting to feel about Facebook the way I used to feel about wine. That it's a pseudo-relaxing/rewarding habit I wish I could quit but am afraid to because I'm not sure what I'd replace...

Central Ohio Parks That Spark Imagination

Now that spring is here in earnest, the kids and I are trying to spend as much time outside as possible, mostly because outside is my happy place and indoor play areas make me...

Motherhood’s Other Seven Year Itch

I've read a few blog posts recently referencing the authors' startling and unexpected desire to have a second, third or fourth baby once their oldest nears his seventh birthday. Well, this is NOT that...