Faith McGrain thought Columbus would be a pit stop on the road to someplace warmer, but she and her husband (Matt) quickly fell in love with this city. Six years and two kids later, they're still finding plenty of new adventures in and around central Ohio.  Faith works full-time as a communications professional, but her favorite role is being mom to her two energetic children, Tenley (4) and Levi (2). Faith delights in life's simple pleasures: good food, good coffee and good friends. She is a storyteller by nature and dabbles in blogging at Faith Illuminated. She is passionate about living out her faith through simple actions to add more joy to the world. 

National Taco Day: 5 Places to Celebrate in Columbus!

Tacos aren't just for Tuesdays. In fact, National Taco Day is on a Sunday this year. Sunday, October 4, 2020 to be exact. Mark your calendar and head to one of the many taco...
returning to work

A Working Mom of Three Returns from Maternity Leave

The Schedule of a Working Mom of Three Follow along as I try to capture the actions, thoughts, and positives and negatives of being a working mom of three! 4:45 a.m. What’s that, the alarm already?  No,...

Pelvic Health After Pregnancy

Postpartum Pelvic Health We’re all moms here right? I mean...maybe there are a few observers, but I’m going to assume that the vast majority of readers of this blog are moms or people who have...

Try This to Make Your Evenings a Little Easier

Happy fall, ya'll! I've always been a fan of summer, but after weeks of humidity and 90-degree weather,  and months of being overbooked on the weekends, I've been looking forward to cooling off and slowing...

This Summer Let’s All Agree to Love Our Bodies

            Hey mamas. How excited are you for summertime? It means warmer weather, weekend adventures and events galore! Oh, and one more thing, pool days and other opportunities to lounge by the water in the...
shift in parenting mindset

Things I Said I’d Never Do As a Mom… Until I Did Them

One of the biggest lessons I've learned during my time as a parent is that things don't always go as you think they will.  Motherhood is humbling in so many ways and I've eaten my...

Six Creative Ways to Treasure Your Child’s Artwork

Look at this budding artist.  I may be biased (SPOILER ALERT: I am), but I think she is absolutely adorable. I shared this image on Facebook almost 4 years ago and proclaimed my excitement with...
mom with baby

A Letter to the Mamas-To-Be From Someone Who’s Been There

Dear Mama-To-Be, I see you gently clutching your round belly. I see the anticipation, excitement, and tinge of nervousness hiding behind your smile. Although it seems like another life ago, I remember when I was you....

Tips for Creating Your Own Holiday Traditions

Baking cookies. Finding and decorating the perfect Christmas tree. Terrorizing your children with escapades of a deranged elf. These are cherished holiday traditions that families across America partake in. While it’s fun to look back...

45 Ways to Spread Kindness to Others

One of the most important values in our family is kindness to others. In honor of World Kindness Day (November 13), here are 45 ways that you and your family can help spread kindness...