When Jen is not trading sarcastic jabs with her husband or hanging out with her kids, she can be found bargain shopping, digital scrapbooking, or *gasp* sleeping. She lives by the Golden Rule and tries to teach her kids to do the same. Jen is a school counselor and loves being an advocate for kids. She is mom to two awesome girls: a rule following, empathetic-beyond-her-years 5 year old and a spunky and sweet 1 year old. She has been married for ten years and has lived in Ohio forever. She was born and raised in the Cleveland area and established roots in Columbus 15 years ago. Her basement is full of "stuff" Including deals too good to leave at the store and childhood memories. She is a recovering people pleaser and a current Pepsi addict. She loves people watching but hates cleaning the bathroom. Jen is hopeful that Columbus Mom's Blog can help families in central Ohio connect while also creating that lost feeling of community that she craves.

Summer Reading Programs

For many Central Ohio school districts, summer is here. Kids (and teachers!) are in summer mode and time spent on learning seems to be taking a back seat to sports (at least in our...

The Gift of Time

Maybe it's because I'm a habitual procrastinator. Maybe it's because I don't enjoy wrapping presents nor the crowded stores. Maybe it's because I'm tired of cleaning and storing our "stuff." Whatever the reason, I've...

Central Ohio Pumpkin Patches 2017

Fall is just around the corner!  Because fall = all things pumpkin, Columbus Moms Blog has your round-up of Central Ohio pumpkin patches below. Mark your calendars for some good ol’ fashioned family fun!...

The Pursuit of Less

THE PROBLEM Stuff.  I’ve begun to loathe our “stuff.”  It’s weird to me, that we work hard to acquire more/better/bigger but then, it begins to take over, and our precious time is spent cleaning, organizing...

I Still Believe!

I owe Santa a thank you tonight.  He made my day...MY day, not my kids' days (though he definitely did that, too), but he made this mom's day.   I Still Believe As I was talking...

Report Card Freebies

It's hard to believe, but many schools are nearing the end of the first quarter. As an educator, I know how important it is for my daughter to take ownership over her grades, so...

Good Grief

Grief. It's a part of life, but one that I can't help but notice becoming more complex the older I become.  It's not just sadness anymore.  It's layers and layers of emotions from a...

Get Outside in Delaware County

  The weather may not feel like it just yet, but fall is around the corner.  My favorite season!  The humidity is gone; the temperatures are down; the leaves are changing color; there is some...

Central Ohio Pumpkin Patches 2016

School has begun for most of us, which means fall is just around the corner. Because fall clearly means pumpkins, Columbus Moms Blog has your round-up of Central Ohio pumpkin patches below. Mark your...

A Sarcastic Mom’s Guide to Disney

So, we did it!  We took our girls to Disney World!  We had great fun, made great memories, and wish someone would have realigned our expectations just a bit before we left.  Below are...