Kelli Ciminero-Snowden is a proud boy mom to her two active toddlers; Cam (4) and Mack (3). She is originally from Northeastern Ohio from the land of cookie tables (Niles, OH near Youngstown). After graduating from Ohio University, she moved here with her husband Chris, a fellow Bobcat, whom she did not actually meet on the bricks of Athens but over 800 miles away on Spring Break in Panama City Beach, FL. She has now lived here for 10 years, but still can’t figure out how to get anywhere without her GPS. She has her graduate degree from OSU in speech-language pathology but works full-time in the family business of insurance. Although the family currently resides in Grove City, they are habitual movers (5 cities in 9 years) and enjoy too many parts of Columbus to completely grow their roots. She is a want-to-be photographer, a DIY queen, a master of Netflix binging, and is happiest when she is on the go. This self described foodie loves exploring the city, hiking at the local metro parks, and dancing to live music.
love winter

How I Learned to Love Winter

Like any native midwesterner, I hated winter. I hated the bleak grayness of the daylight and the black slosh leftover on the wet roadways. I hated that midnight and 6:00 PM looked nearly the...

Adulting: Verb. See Also: ‘How Did I Get Here?’

Sitting in the preschool drop off line I realize this is real....I am a legit adult. I look in my rearview mirror, at my hastily combed hair plastered with dry shampoo and an attempt...
zumba class

No More Frumpy Mama: How Zumba Helped Me Get My Groove Back

The New Year’s excitement had come and gone and I was still in a slump. It was like pulling teeth to get myself to stop eating the comfort foods of winter. A spinach salad...
family-friendly restaurants

Don’t Feel Like Cooking Tonight? Check Out My Family’s Favorite Restaurants

I have to say it, I love to go to restaurants but going to restaurants with kids, now that’s a different story. One of my recurring nightmares is being in a quiet restaurant and one...

A Letter to My Dogs: I’m Sorry for the Little Tyrants

A letter to my dogs: I'm writing this letter as we sit and hide in the playroom tent as the vicious pirates pillage the room around us (aka Captain Threeager and his First Mate Terrible...
teenage memories

*NSYNC and Beanie Babies: Memories of My Former Self

Amongst the pile of Easter and Christmas decorations I find them -three navy blue tubs filled to the brim. The tubs were tagged with a hastily scribbled label: Kelli’s Memorabilia. Up until this point,...

Move Over Dinner and Drinks: Fun Get-Togethers to Explore Columbus with your Bestie

So it’s that time of year again! The gym becomes overcrowded (or so I hear) and every magazine cover in the grocery store checkout line exclaims "New Year, New You!" While I have made...

He Doesn’t Speak Very Well But You Can Play With Him: The Heartache Of...

We are the only other ones at the park and I see you look at my son.  I know what you want and I'm dreading it.  You skip over to him and ask,  "Would...

Everything I Learned About Parenting I Learned on the Playground

Everything I learned about parenting I learned on the playground. Ok, I shouldn’t say everything, it’s not like I first learned to change a diaper on a teeter-totter but the majority of my discipline and...