Certified Tourism Ambassador of Columbus, Mom, Christian, Legal Office Administrator, Wife, Daughter, Columbus Metropolitan Club Board Trustee, Stepmom, Home Group Leader, Sister, Friend, and now Blogger. Just a few of the many titles Kelly proudly holds that show her passion for connecting people and creating community. Kelly met the man of her dreams on in 2014, and they made their own mini Brady Bunch official exactly one year after the day they met with Lilly (2009), Maddie (2010), Declan (2011), and Baze (2012). The two sets of "twins" now spend half their time together, leaving Kelly and her stay-at-home husband plenty of treasured couple time on kid-free days. Beyond being crazy in love with her family, Kelly is obsessively organized and infatuated with personal finance. Spreadsheets, 4 AM workouts, and color-coded calendars are some of the main methods she claims help her maintain sanity with four busy kids at three different schools in soccer, flag football, and girl scouts; a full-time downtown management role; and multiple community service positions.

5 Leadership Traits I Learned as a Mom

  I don't think moms generally get enough credit as "leaders" in our society. I've read plenty of articles about how managers should value staff and clients, those that encourage supervisors to confidently inspire, and...

7 Ways to Rock Your Soccer Mom Status

As a proud soccer mom for nearly 4 years, I have learned a few things about how to really own that role in my life. Before my own kiddos were old enough to play,...

Teaching Civility in Seemingly Less Than Civil Times

There’s been so much talk lately about civility – particularly in national politics. I remember hearing the elementary school children at the bus stop last fall saying how they couldn’t stand this candidate or...

5 Tips from My (Nearly) Perfect Stay-at-Home Husband

In celebrating dads of all kind this Father’s Day, I want to specifically call out the stay-at-home dads out there. While slowly growing in number, they still face some adversity in going against the idea...

75+ Ways to Make Your Kids MOVE

When you do something often enough, you don't even realize it's not "normal." That's what sports and being active generally have become for my family. Without realizing it, my husband and I have created...

Daycares and Nannies, Au Pairs? Oh My!

From the time we learn we'll soon welcome that precious baby into the world, we parents must figure out how to care for them. So begins the extensive research on the many options for this sweet child who...
Bold Girls

Bold Girls Change the Game

I certainly don't need a reason to explain how important it is to build up our daughters, but I'm especially inspired right now. To start... March is Women's History Month and March 8 was International...

Blended, Part 2: Patience

This is the second in a series on blended families. If you want to read about some truly happy aspects of this topic, check out the first post HERE. And if you want a...

Blended, Part 1: Joy

With the passing of Florence Henderson (aka Mrs. Brady of the Brady Bunch), I feel compelled to talk about one of the most important aspects of my life. I never planned to divorce the...

3 Easy Steps to Make 2017 Count… WITHOUT Resolutions

I heard a statistic that 80% of all New Year’s resolutions fail. Rather than digging into the reasons behind that, or even spilling which of mine have had success (or were forgotten) over the past...