Kimberly Verhoff

Kim is a mom of two living in Grandview with her husband, Doug. Georgia is almost four but going on 14, is a gymnastics obsessed, hula hooping, sweet girl who wants nothing more than to hug her little brother. Ford recently turned 1; while he walks around the house and daycare screaming “I love you,” he doesn’t love Georgia’s hugs quite yet. Kim grew up in a small town outside of Columbus, moved to Columbus to attend Ohio State and has been in the area ever since. Working in Medical Sales and as a Lead Trainer at System of Strength both in-studio and online, health and healthcare are a big passion of hers. Outside of work, she loves dining out at local restaurants, spending time at the park with her family and hanging out with her neighbors. She loves a good date night with her husband, a staycation in Columbus, or watching every episode of Dateline ever made. As a parent, the thoughts that most frequently cross her mind are “what just happened,” “what was that noise,” “what is that smell,” and “how did I get so lucky.” Kim is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of tacos, margaritas, pizza, cookies and red wine. (She said she likes health and balance, right?) Kim finds humor in the trenches of parenting, knowing that nothing lasts forever...the tough, seemingly endless phases. But also that nothing lasts forever...the sweet, baby and toddler time that seems to be moving in fast forward. Kim doesn’t have a poker face and is an open book. If you’d like to join her on her toddler oversharing adventures, you can find her at Kimberly.verhoff on Instagram.
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