Kristina is a working mama living in northeast Columbus with her husband, Mike, their always-on-the-go toddler, Morgan, and their dog, Tanner. As a professional counselor and primary caretaker of a tiny human, Kristina understands the importance of self care, whether that’s through walks and workouts with your mom village or five minutes (if you can get that long) with a hot cup of coffee. Kristina is also a part-time wine associate at a family owned shop in Westerville, so she knows a glass of wine is usually vital for self-care, too. She’s a coffee lover, a bourbon sipper, and a kayak adventurer. Kristina hopes to encourage parents in the long, sometimes very lonely days of parenting by reminding all parents that social media isn’t real life; in fact, she spilled coffee on herself while typing this bio. To follow Kristina through the moments when you are full of love and the moments you're at your wit’s end, check out “for the love” for the love.
covid stress

We Are Alive

Let me set the scene: Around 6:00 p.m. on Saturday night. Month six-ish or so of the pandemic. The last adult beverage in our house in my hand. Lights off in the basement except...

Making Milkshake Memories

After not seeing my parents for a while due to current pandemic related circumstances, we recently had the privilege of spending time with my them in my childhood home. I have such nostalgic memories...
Body Image

I Felt So Empowered… And I Was Naked.

Hello. My name is Kristina. And I have body image issues.  I mean, I identify as female… so… it only makes sense that I have body image issues, right? I have personally done zero research...

My Quarantine Drinks: Water, Wine and Propello Life

Anyone else feel like you're seeing all these posts of moms with all this "extra free time" due to the quarantine? And then kind of find yourself feeling like you're having the opposite problem? Our...

Has Your Love Language Changed Since Having Kids?

I have an incredible, lengthy, dramatic (almost delightfully trashy) story about how my husband and I met. But for the gist of this piece, what you need to know is that we met online,...
giving ourselves grace

Be Gentle.

We are all fighting a battle. And yes, I mean all of us. But for the purpose of this writing, I mean moms. All moms are fighting a battle. Some of us are fighting battles that can be...

10 Must-Have Apps for New(ish) Parents

The Google Generation We hear a lot about how demanding and needy and impatient and blah blah blah the Google generation is. And some of it is true. BUT, we are also an incredibly smart,...
celebrating Christmas early

When My Holiday Style Isn’t Your Holiday Style

I have a friend on Facebook who is sort of known for being a cold-weather grump and holiday Grinch. The second it gets cold out, the first snowfall, the moment someone lights up an...

Mental Health Awareness Day

Learning About Health as a Child I was lucky when I was little to have a working family with pretty decent health care. Growing up, I was at the dentist every six months for my...
Me time

It Was Just Me. Again.

Our family vacation in July was wonderful. Just the three of us venturing to the beach for a week-long getaway. But, I’m new enough in my job and lacking sufficient paid-time-off that I had...