Melissa Burnett

Melissa Burnett was born in New Jersey but moved to Ohio at the beginning of a school year where she thought her parents forgot her at Kindergarten and spent most of her first day in tears. Since then, she learned to transfer her imagination onto paper and write stories. She taught Title 1 Reading and wrote children’s books before embarking on her journey into parenthood. Melissa is a mother to twin boys and a younger boy who keeps her on her toes. She enjoys Friday stay home movie night with her boys and dreaming up business ideas with her extremely patient and loving husband. When she is not breaking up wrestling matches, Melissa and her husband spend their time working on rental cabins in Hocking Hills. They also enjoy popcorn and coming up with new popcorn flavors. Melissa promises she does not have motherhood figured out, but she does have many funny stories to share and a word of advice “when you go through the car wash with kids…make sure your window lock is on.” Follow her blog:
summertime snacks

10 Simple (and fun) Summertime Snacks

It is summertime! Time for sunshine, pools, running through sprinklers, bike rides, and of course....snacks! If your children are anything like mine, snacks are a staple of summer.  Just when I thought my latest...
columbus playgrounds

Five Columbus Playgrounds for All Ages

Warmer weather has arrived, and we cannot wait to explore around Columbus! One of our favorite activities is to visit playgrounds. However, instead of just the playground equipment, I realize we need to find...

Girls’ Weekend in Hocking Hills

It started three years ago when my girlfriends and I decided to plan an annual trip to Hocking Hills. Hocking Hills is a beautiful state park with over twenty-five miles of hiking trails, waterfalls,...
Ways to be a better listener

Active Listening Takes Practice!

We have all been there. Your friend is telling a story and you completely relate to the topic. You wait for that pause when you can interject your own experience or advice. You know...
Raising chickens

FAQ on Backyard Chickens

If you would have bet me a couple years ago that I would be writing an article on backyard chickens I would probably bet double or nothing. However, this past year has been similar...

Family Game Night Without the Tears!

Family Board Game Night is a popular evening at our house. We look forward to this time each week. However, family game night does not always end with rainbows and butterflies. Most of the...
books for kids that make you laugh

Picture Books that Leave Us with a Case of the Giggles

I savor the moments we enjoy a book together. My twins are getting older and diving into chapter books independently.  I know the times we gather together with the whole family and enjoy good...

Fun One Time Classes without the Commitment

Spring is here! I don't know about you, but we were more than ready! I enjoy smelling the flowers blooming, tasting the sweetness of an afternoon popsicle, and hearing the laughter of neighborhood friends...

Saying Goodbye to a Family Pet

It is a bittersweet journey down memory lane as I scroll through the pictures on my phone and see our sweet family pet. You, our dear fur baby, were with me before I met my...
peanut allergy

A Letter of Gratitude from a Food Allergy Mommy

Dear Fellow Mom, Neighbor, Room Parent, Best Friend, I want to express how grateful I am for the role you have played in our family. I am not sure that you are aware that I...