Sarah Kaechele

Sarah is a new mom to 6-month-old Henry. Originally from the Chicago suburbs, she graduated from the University of Illinois in 2013 and moved to Columbus to pursue a career in retail. She currently works at the Victoria’s Secret PINK Home Office. She lives in Clintonville with her husband, son, and dog who very much misses his days as an only child. Outside of work and family she enjoys reserving books at the library and then forgetting to pick them up (but somehow still reads a few books a month), exploring Clintonville by foot and bike, and oversharing on Instagram stories (add her at @Sarah_Kaechele). She enjoyed traveling prior to becoming a mom and is hoping to get the hang of it again sometime in the next five years.

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Is it Normal to Hate Decorating for the Holidays?

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Why You Should Try Journaling Right Now

Growing up, I always journaled. I didn’t always have a dedicated notebook or diary but with all of my adolescent emotions, I often found writing out my thoughts was the only way I could...

How Having a Baby Changes Your Relationship With Your Dog

Our Dog, Our World When we started telling people we were pregnant, one of the most common reactions we got was: “Jim is in for a rude awakening!” For two years, Jim, our dog, was...