Countdown to Valentine’s Day with Your Littlest Loves

We are in the home stretch to Valentine’s Day and I have a great little activity that you can with your kiddo(s)! I don’t know about you, but as my kids grow,  I find myself trying to create new little traditions for us. Countdowns to a holiday/special event have been a big hit around here! In the last year, we’ve made countdowns for the World Tour Poppy movie premier, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now, Valentine’s Day!
When Bella professed her excitement for a Valentine’s Day countdown, I was silent. This wasn’t something we talked about…ever. I was unprepared to come up with this little activity. That’s motherhood, #AmIRight?! So off to Pinterest I went to get some inspiration. I wanted the countdown to be more than just something to count the days. In true Pinterest fashion, there were a ton of pins to weed through and I combined a few ideas to create ours. What was even better is that I had most of the supplies on hand. There were a few extra things I needed to get.
Valentine's Day Countdown

What We Used:

  • Red and pink construction paper
  • Brown paper bag (ours was from an Amazon Fresh order!)
  • Red pompom garland (Dollar Tree)
  • Clothespins (Dollar Tree)
  • Paper doilies (Dollar Tree)
  • Markers and glitter glue

What We Did:

  1. Draw, trace, and cut out equal amounts of red, pink, and brown hearts. You don’t have to do this the full two weeks. I used glitter glue to write the numbers.
  2. I decided the “something extra” would be a fill in the blank/question. After I wrote them, I shuffled them up, then randomly paired them with a numbered heart. I made sure the bigger activity ones would be on a weekend. So anything that might involve baking or when the fill in the blank was “A movie that makes me happy…”, since it would be a movie night.
  3. Find an empty space to hang your garland, then use clothespins to pin your question heart behind the number heart.
  4. The fun begins whenever you decide to pull the first number and ask the questions.

Questions to ask for Valentine's Day

Tip on question/fill in the blank writing: ask about various favorite things, “why” questions, different traits she likes about herself, friends, and family. Try to make some lead to an activity. If you ask what food they could eat everyday, and she loves to eat is pizza and ice cream, make sure you have all the things to make homemade pizza (or just order!), and all the fixings for a sundae bar.

Let me know what questions, and activities you did for the countdown!

Have fun and enjoy learning a little more about your kiddo!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day chain countdown

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