Preserving Children’s Creativity with Artimus Art

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My son loves art. He is always bringing home his pieces of artwork, beaming with pride showing off his latest creation. I find myself saving all these precious pieces of art. Our refrigerator and kitchen table have turned into mini-art gallery.
artwork in a book
When I first heard about Artimus Art, I knew I had to try this product. A book to remember all little masterpieces without having boxes of old art cluttering the house sounded ideal. I could just imagine having these books of artwork at his high school graduation party, or passing on the books to him once he owns his own home, instead those boxes of aged paper that my parents passed on to me.

The process was simple and easy even for a busy household. First, I went onto the website and selected a package/book. Within several days a box arrived to our front door. Next, my son and I picked out our favorite art pieces and placed the artwork in the bag provided with the box. Finally I taped the returned shipping label (provided by Artimus Art) and simply dropped off our artwork to be processed. We had a great turnaround time and received the finished book back within two weeks.

Once the gallery was uploaded, I could start the process of building the book. I was able to pick the cover art, a note for my child and I could add a personal photo. There’s also the option to add captions. Finally, I got to decide if I wanted to pick the art order myself or have the Artimus team build it for me. I choose to build it myself. It was so simple, fast, and easy since I knew the placement of the art in the book. Once all the book was put together, I previewed the book to make sure that everything was correct. Then it was submitted for printing.
Once the book arrived, I was so pleased with the finished project. My son and I loved getting to see all his artwork so clearly displayed in the book. This book is truly a great way to preserve my children’s artwork.

This special Artimus Art book filled with my son’s own creations is something we will treasure forever!

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Nicole Fluty
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