5 To Try: Columbus Smoothie Shops


If you’ve read many of my prior posts, you know my kids and I are huge fans of smoothies!

We usually make them at home, but sometimes it’s also fun to explore Columbus to find our favorite local spots as well.

The past few months my kids and I have been exploring some of the local smoothie shops our wonderful city of Columbus has to offer.

Here’s a roundup of the five we tried!

Zest Juice, several locations

Zest Juice is one of our favorite smoothie shops. When my daughter was younger, there was a location by her swim lessons and we would go there almost weekly. I recently took my son there for the first time and he was a fan as well!

We tried the PB+J smoothie and it was delicious! Although I’m not sure I’ve tried one I didn’t like. I like how the insides of their shops are casual and it doesn’t feel awkward to have my 4-year old there with me.

Besides enjoying a smoothie, we tried their protein bites, which were also delicious! We were both pretty full afterwards and it was the perfect light lunch for the two of us.

Clean Juice, Polaris Area

Clean Juice is one of our favorite and most visited smoothie shops. Both of my kids are fans as well and I love that they have kid sizes! My favorite is The So Basic smoothie. My kids love all three of the kid flavors, but I think The Young One (orange, pineapple and banana) is their favorite!

Their location has both indoor and outdoor seating, which is causal enough for me to take both of them without worry. They also have several food options, including toasts, sandwiches, wraps and salads. I’ve tried a few of their toasts and they are just as delicious as their smoothies!

Alchemy JuiceGrandview and Parsons Ave.

Alchemy has two locations. Alchemy kitchen is located in Grandview and Alchemy Juice Bar is located near Childrens Hospital, on Parsons Avenue. They both offer smoothie, drink and food options, but Alchemy Kitchen has a few more food choices and feels a bit fancier. Alchemy Juice bar feels a little more laid back and to me, the better one of the two to take little kids.

Thomas and I visited Alchemy Kitchen and split the breakfast smoothie and protein balls. Thomas was a fan of both of them! We went early enough that it wasn’t very crowded and he enjoyed sitting at the high top tables!

Smoothie King, several locations

Unlike the other shops listed, Smoothie King really focuses on smoothies and has limited, packaged food options. However, what they lack in food options, they make up for in their dozens of smoothie combinations. They truly have something to suit everyone – from high protein blends, to those lower in calories, some with special vitamin blends and some which could almost be a dessert!

They also have six kid flavors. My son tried their Strawberry Bluegurt Blitz, which was delicious and even though he’s a super picky eater, he loved it!

Bonus is that many locations offer drive-through, which is great if you have little kids. The location we visited was really casual inside and was very kid-friendly if you take your little ones.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe, several locations

This place is a favorite for my kids and husband! They have lots of different smoothie and food options. Their smoothies taste a little more slushie-like, which I think is why my kids are fans!

They have lots of food options like wraps, quesadillas, flatbread sandwiches, regular sandwiches and salads. We’ve tried several of the food options and they’ve all been good. Even my picky-eater, Thomas, enjoyed the Sun Chips, which came as a side!

Their locations are also very casual inside and perfect to take little kids.

Do you have a favorite smoothie location around town? We would love for you to share it with us in the comments below!