To Eat or Not to Eat? What To Do When Your Kid Chooses Not To

Thank you to our sponsor, Too Good Eats, for providing a great, healthy option for families to enjoy together and feel good.
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As a mom, it’s basically a requirement to worry about what you feed your child from the very beginning.  It starts as soon as the pregnancy test says “positive.”  We become more conscious of the choices we are making and what we are putting into our bodies as we grow this tiny human.  Then once they are here, the choices continue…breastmilk, formula, store-bought purees, make your own baby food, baby-led weaning, etc.  It’s exhausting!  Then you learn that it is inevitable that your kid is going to refuse anything you put in from of them at some point or another.  It’s a never-ending battle.  We want what is best for our kids and a big part of that is what we fill their tummies with.
So what should we do when we take a ride on the roller coaster that is our kids’ eating habits?  I have a few tips, things that I am currently going through with my own toddler, to hopefully help you out!

Don’t stress!

Once your kiddo is showing signs of readiness for solid foods (check with your pediatrician as well!) you have the task of what to introduce first.  You’ll find tons of articles about how to do this, the final choice is yours and what works best for your family.  So don’t let the interwebs dictate it to you or make you think that you need to do it all a certain way.  Parenting is not black and white, there are so many gray areas.  Actually, I think parenting is like one of those prisms that change colors depending on how you look at it, and which way the light shines through it.  It is totally 100% unpredictable and ever-changing.  

So feed the baby!  Give them time to experience the food, refuse the food, squish the food, and spill the food.  If making baby food is something you want to do, go for it!  I am in awe of you.  I had thought about it before we introduced solids, and then I went for the 10 for $10 jar deal at Kroger and never looked back.  Remember, it’s ok to change your mind.  If you start making purees and then life happens and you don’t have time for it anymore, it is fine to switch! 

We are on to more table foods these days, and I have been stressing because Isabella is favoring Cheerios…that’s one of the only things she will consistently eat.  So, I searched for recipes with Cheerios, and there are actually main entree type recipes out there that use it.  So we are going to try it out!

Make it look fun & delicious

This shouldn’t be hard because food is fantastic!  I taste every puree, and baby snack that we give to Isabella.  Some people might think that is weird, but I want to know what she was tasting.  It helps me talk to her about it, because I like telling her about the things she is doing.  They might not be at the age where they can have a conversation with you, but they are little sponges and appreciate you talking to them.  I believe that sometimes my excited conversation, singing, and eating with her gets her excited and smiling enough to then (sometimes) try what is on her plate. 

These tips don’t always work, and there are plenty of meals that are just Cheerios, corn, strawberries, yogurt, and broccoli.  Eating fluctuates for kids, when I get frustrated and stressed out about it, I remind myself that adults are the same way.  How often does chicken sound delicious one day and not the next?!  

Just keep offering; don’t give in and don’t give up!  I whisper that mantra to myself daily.  It just dawned on me that maybe our kids are saying that same mantra to THEMSELVES every time we put a meal down in front of them. Hahaha!  So stubborn!  They are more like us than we care to admit, right?!

Making Healthy Choices with Ease

too good eats logo

Making healthy choices for the whole family can be hard.  It doesn’t have to be torture, at least not every day.  Some days you just don’t have time; you need something quick that is nutritious and fills your tummy.  I was able to find something that met my family’s needs: quick, easy, and healthy.  Too Good Eats is a local business with the mission to “change the way families choose healthy by providing delicious, quality, and convenient naturally organic foods that can be enjoyed by your entire family.”  With a mission like that, I had to try them out, and they sure delivered, literally, with our first box of delicious-ness!

We received a pack of red pops, green pops, and a few coconut, and pineapple supreme pops.  Isabella was definitely curious about these!  Once she took a bite, I think it felt good on her little teething gums!  It was hard to get it back from her!  She would never know that it 100% fruits and veggies, and no added water or sugar! 

too good eats pouch

They also make puree pouches!  We love puree pouches in our house, they are such a time saver.  Open it up and hand it off to your kiddo and they are happy campers!  Knowing you are handing off a delicious, healthy pouch made with organic fruits and veggies, no added sugars is like getting the hand-off to the winning touchdown in the Big Game!  Total mom win!  Isabella’s favorite was definitely the apples, cinnamon, and zucchini!  Mine was the blueberry, banana, and kale!

Family Friendly Solutions

We love having the Too Good Eats option and we get to support a local, family-run business!  They are parents themselves and understand the importance of healthy options for the whole family. They also understand the hectic lives that we all live, and they offer a delivery service at no additional cost!  

The pops and puree pouches are honestly great treats for everyone in the house.  If you’re not sure what you are going to have for a meal, open up a pouch for yourself to hold you over until you decide!  What flavor pouch are you excited to try from Too Good Eats?

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