Fun Fall Foods


Halloween is almost here and it’s time to bring out all of the fun treats!

Not only do my kids get a kick out of these fun foods, I love coming up with them and then making them! Most of these ideas are even easy enough to make with your kids!

fall snacks for little ones

Clementine Pumpkins

I’ve shared this one before, but it’s so cute I wanted to share again! Just unpeel a clementine and stick any sort of green vegetable in the top like a stem. You could use a piece of a cucumber, green pepper or maybe even a green Twizzler on top to look like a stem.

Monster Cookies

I used this easy cookie recipe, using a white cake mix and separated the dough into three different portions and colored them blue, orange and green. After chilling the dough, roll it into small balls and then roll some of them in sanding sugar. Bake as directed. Once finished, add candy eyes on top with some melted chocolate. We brought these to a Halloween party last year and the kids loved them!

Acorn Treats

These fun teats, which look like acorns, are so easy to make. Take a mini Nutter Butter cookie and with peanut butter or melted chocolate, add a Hershey kiss on top! I put them in the refrigerator for a few minutes to harden and then enjoy!

fall foods to make for kids

Spooky Apple Nachos

My kids and I both loved this one. Slice up several apples and place them on a plate. Then add peanut butter (we used a thinner, natural kind) to a small zip lock bag. Cut a small hole in the end of the bag and drizzle the peanut butter over the apple slices. If your PB is too hard, you can microwave the bag for a few seconds. Then add sprinkles, candy eyes and even plastic spiders to turn a plain apple into a fun and festive treat!

Mummy Pretzels

These are a cute treat on their own or to add to a Halloween snack platter. I used Flipz white fudge pretzels and used a bit of peanut butter to attach candy eyes. With just three ingredients, you’ve made a fun spooky treat for your little ones!

Spooky Brownies

This is a really easy one! I used a boxed brownie mix from Trader Joes and prepared as directed. Once it came out of the oven, I placed candy eyes in pairs on it to make it spooky!

Looking for more fun Halloween food ideas? I wrote this post a few years ago with a few more fun snack ideas for the season!