Fun Foods for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away!

To help everyone get into the spirit, I’m sharing a few fun Thanksgiving-themed food ideas! My kids have loved these over the years, and I hope yours do too!

Thanksgiving appetizers for kids

Turkey Quesadilla

These are really cute and super easy to make! I made a cheese quesadilla on the stovetop and then cut it into three pieces. I added cut peppers between the slices to look like feathers. The turkey head is made with a Golden Oreo half, two candy eyes and candy corn. Add two pretzel stick legs and you’re done! Yum!

Cornucopia Fruit Treats

It’s easy to get my kids to eat fruits for snack time when I pair them with something fun like this ice cream cone cornucopia! I melted some white chocolate chips and then dipped the rim of the ice cream cone into the melted chocolate, immediately followed by sprinkles. After letting it dry, I added some apple and orange slices to look like a cornucopia! Cute, right?!?

Turkey Snack Board

This one looks fancy, but it was really SO easy to make! Start with an apple half for the head, adding two candy eyes and candy corn for the beak. Then take whatever snacks you want to use and lay them out from the head to look like feathers! I used the cinnamon alphabet cookies from Trader Joe’s to write out “Gobble, Gobble” which I think makes it a little more festive. My kids got a kick out of this snack board!

Thanksgiving snack ideas

Veggie Straw Turkeys

When the kids had craft time one morning, I used some of their paper scraps, googly eyes and tape to make turkey faces on a few cups. Add veggie straws and voila! Easy turkey fun for snack time!

Turkey Cupcakes

This is a cute one for the Thanksgiving dessert table! Start by making cupcakes. A spice or pumpkin flavor would be festive, but any flavor works! Frost the cupcakes and then add toppings to make them look like little turkeys. Use a mini Reese’s cup for the body, adding candy eyes and a butterscotch chip beak with a bit of melted chocolate. Use a couple of pieces of candy corn for the feathers and you have a fun Thanksgiving dessert.

Hummus and Veggie Turkeys

If your kids love hummus, then they’ll love this one! I just put a spoonful of hummus in the middle of a plate and then placed veggies around it to look like feathers. Then, add candy eyes (of course) and pieces of red and orange pepper for the beak and wattle. How easy was that?

I hope you’ve liked these fun Thanksgiving food ideas and are inspired to try them with your kids!