How to Add Veggies to Every Meal


Getting kids to eat their vegetables isn’t always easy!

I’m pretty lucky that my daughter will usually eat them, but it’s always nice to try to change up the way I serve them or find new ways to serve vegetables at every meal. 

I mean, do you often think of how you can add vegetables to breakfast or snack time? I know I can fall into an easy pattern of serving something like peanut butter toast or yogurt for breakfast, which are still healthy, but even a meal like breakfast can include some vegetables without much effort.

adding vegetables to meals

If you’re trying to get your kids (or maybe even yourself!) to add more vegetables to mealtime, here are a few easy ideas I’ve been trying lately! 



  • Instead of chips, have carrots, celery or pretzels with hummus. FYI – Costco sells a large family size container we love!
  • Make chickpea “chicken” salad sandwiches in place of tuna or chicken salad – I love this particular recipe.
  • Add chopped celery, cucumber or carrots to homemade tuna or chicken salad 
  • Make a vegetable cream cheese to use as a sandwich or wrap spread – FYI, that recipe can be cut into halves or thirds 


  • Add broccoli or peas to mac ‘n cheese –This is my favorite mac ‘n cheese recipe
  • Add black beans and corn to taco meat
  • Add veggies like peppers, mushrooms and olives to pizza, whether you make it at home or eat out
  • Serve roasted vegetables as a quick and easy side
  • Add chopped spinach to your spaghetti sauce, either store bought or homemade


What’s your favorite way to add vegetables to mealtime?