5 Libraries We Love


My girls love to read! A library is the perfect combination of the love of books and often an indoor play area too. With colder weather on its way, I thought I would share some of our favorite libraries around town! 

1. Westerville Public Library

126 S State St. Westerville

My girls have big imaginations and this library has great places to play out their ideas. They have an imagination station that changes monthly (some examples: vet clinic, post office, ocean, fluff and fold). They also have a legit treehouse with two levels, a telescope and interactive toys on the walls inside. They rotate great learning toys. Oh, and a magic mirror! 



2. Main Library

96 S Grant Ave. Columbus

There is something about being in the city that makes this library special like you’re on vacation. The architecture of this library is amazing, I love feeling so small in this big building. There is also a little art gallery up a level from the library.

Okay now for the kids’ area! We love the engaging staff, they don’t just help you, they play too! They want your child to learn just as much as you do. The bus is fun and so is the fish tank and fun seating.     

            Engaging kids’ area!

     The bus is a great imagination play spot!

There is a topiary garden behind the library which is a nice little walk to see bushes shaped like people and things. Around Christmas, there is an amazing holiday train to view inside the library too. While you’re there make sure you drive over to the State Auto’s Christmas Corner and check out the nativity walk.

                      Topiary Park
            State Auto Nativity Scene

3. Orange Library

7171 Gooding Blvd Delaware

(7 mins from Polaris Mall)

Our old hometown library, it holds a very special place in our hearts. We love the staff. Miss Marley is my oldest daughter’s absolute favorite! She teaches a Toddler Dancetime/Storytime class on Mondays that gets the kids jumping and grooving. If you haven’t experienced it, you should! They rotate educational toys and also have a playtime on Friday mornings that is great. Also, you have to see the mosaic dragon outside in their little park and I heard they are going to be building a garden soon (we are excited to see the finished product.) They have great family programs!

          Comfortable play area!

Bundle up and check out the ‘blue swing’ park, just a few minutes away.

4. Old Worthington Library

820 High St. Worthington

We love that you walk through a tree and can explore a fairy tale castle and see Arthur all in one trip! Go inside the three little pigs stick house and let those imaginations go wild with whimsical characters. They have great toys for younger kids too and this makes it a great library!

5. Bexley Library

2411 E Main St. Bexley

Welcome to the play cafe of libraries. It has it all!  They also have fun family programs. The location of the library is nice and you can explore the city of Bexley all in one trip without having to get the kids in and out of cars seats. It’s a nice little walk to explore.

Across the street from the library is Kittie’s Cafe. Their cinnamon rolls have been voted the Best in Columbus and the chocolate chip cookie is as big as a plate. Yum! 

               Large play area for kids!

Make sure you go to Cassingham Elementary after school hours to check out a fun playground.

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