Picture Books that Leave Us with a Case of the Giggles


I savor the moments we enjoy a book together. My twins are getting older and diving into chapter books independently.  I know the times we gather together with the whole family and enjoy good picture books are extra special. Luckily, my youngest is five and loves picture books. If we find the right ones my older twins will set aside their chapter books and enjoy this experience.

Humor always helps when choosing the right books for your family. We find the following books fun, creative and sure to give us a healthy dose of the giggles!

Creepy Pair of Underwear (Aaron Reynolds):  the illustrations are enough to capture a reader’s attention! See what happens when a rabbit named Jasper tries to get rid of his underwear but the underwear shows up again and again!

Don’t Push the Button (Bill Cotter): adorable interactive book with only one rule: don’t push the button!

Duck! Rabbit! (Amy Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld):  Get ready to chuckle as you and your kid decide if it is a duck or rabbit. Wonderful book to explain what an opinion is and how we all see things differently.

Even Pirates Need their Sleep (Melissa Burnett): bedtime story about a pirate named Captain Shuteye who has one important job: guard the gold and not fall asleep! Find out who stole the gold when Pirate Shuteye just can’t keep his eyes open.

I am not a Toilet Paper Roll (Carlton Publishing Group): learn ten things to do with a toilet paper roll!  My kids loved learning how to make sharks to mermaids to ninjas. This is a great way to discuss recycling as well! (Look for other books such as I Am Not A Cereal Box, I Am Not An Egg Carton, and I Am Not An Old Sock.)

I Need A New Butt! (Dawn McMillan): I saw this book at Target and I remember picking it up, browsing through it, laughing and putting it back down. I debated if I should get it and I am so glad I did. This book never gets old. A young boy makes a startling discovery… his butt has a crack in it! He sets off to find a new one. Children love laughing through this story and I love providing a book that shows my boys reading can be fun and enjoyable! (I Broke My Butt is the sequel!)

No, David! (David Shannon): cute reminder that even when children misbehave they are so very loved. Follow along with David in this fun series!

The Book With No Pictures (B.J. Novak): sounds boring huh? Not at all! Kids and adults alike will find the humor in this creative books where the reader has to repeat silly words, sounds and songs.

The Serious Goose (Jimmy Kimmel): nothing can make this goose smile. This is a very serious goose. Your kids will enjoy trying to make this goose not be so serious. This book even has a mirror for your littles to make silly faces. Cute and fast read!

The Tooth Fairy vs. Santa Clause (Jamie L.B. Deenihan): when Blue arrives at a child’s house to collect her tooth he runs into Santa! Find out what happens when a competition begins between Santa and the Tooth Fairy!

You Don’t Want A Unicorn (Amy Dyckman): my son fell in love with this book while reading it at school. Find out what happens when a boy wishes for a pet unicorn and his wish comes true! This charming story shows that although the idea of a pet unicorn is a good one, the reality is they shed, make big messes and may even leave a hole in your ceiling!

You Don’t Want A Dragon (Amy Dyckman): the follow up to You Don’t Want A Unicorn will make your kiddos giggle as they discover why dragons aren’t great pets either.

What picture books do you recommend for the whole family? Chapter books are a great option too!

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Melissa Burnett
Melissa Burnett was born in New Jersey but moved to Ohio at the beginning of a school year where she thought her parents forgot her at Kindergarten and spent most of her first day in tears. Since then, she learned to transfer her imagination onto paper and write stories. She taught Title 1 Reading and wrote children’s books before embarking on her journey into parenthood. Melissa is a mother to twin boys and a younger boy who keeps her on her toes. She enjoys Friday stay home movie night with her boys and dreaming up business ideas with her extremely patient and loving husband. When she is not breaking up wrestling matches, Melissa and her husband spend their time working on rental cabins in Hocking Hills. They also enjoy popcorn and coming up with new popcorn flavors. Melissa promises she does not have motherhood figured out, but she does have many funny stories to share and a word of advice “when you go through the car wash with kids…make sure your window lock is on.” Follow her blog: melissaburnett.com