5 Signs You Need a Life Reset




Let’s be honest. Everyone needs a life reset in 2020! But even in more “normal” years, most of us need to do some type of reset. The change of seasons is usually the best time to make changes in your life. You’re a natural being, and you respond to the changes in nature.

A life reset can mean lots of different things to different people. It’s basically a time to pause, reflect, and make some changes. The changes can be related to pretty much anything and everything. It’s whatever is speaking to you and your heart.

Moms are always running in high gear, burning the candle at both ends. We run ourselves into the ground mentally, emotionally and physically. You need to figure out where you’re struggling the most and start your life reset there.

Just in case you’re skeptical and not sure if you really do need a life reset, keep reading to discover some signs that are trying (or screaming) to get your attention.

You’re in Burnout Mode

This one is pretty obvious and what mom hasn’t experienced some kind of burnout?

Burnout for moms can look like so many different things. When you’re parenting, there are no breaks. Even if you’re a stay at home mom who has kids in school full time (remember those times?), you still don’t get a break. If you’re not physically running around to keep up your house and finish your errands, you’re worrying about something or everything. It never stops.

Maybe you are working really hard on a certain task or goal and it’s taking all your energy away from everything else. That is also a form of burnout.

Did you know you can have burnout even when you don’t feel “busy”? Most of us are so used to be being busy we don’t even realize how busy we are. Remember that thing about boiling a frog? But even if you’re not really busy, you’re likely focusing on something that is taking up mental energy that can drain you.

You Keep Trying (and Stopping) New Things

Have you noticed that you keep trying new ways to achieve a specific goal, but end up losing steam and giving up? This is a telling sign you need a life reset and to realign your priorities.

This doesn’t mean you’re lazy or not committed. It could mean you just need to reevaluate. Why did you set the goals in the first place? Were the goals even reasonably attainable? Did you give yourself the right tools to achieve the goals? Did you forget that even though you truly are a super-mom, you don’t have the same superpowers as the Avengers?

You’ve Abandoned Your Goals

Maybe you started with great intentions, but over time find yourself avoiding your goals.  Give yourself some grace because life does get busy and there is nothing predictable in the life of a mom. But if you continue to find yourself abandoning your goals, it’s time for a life reset. It’s time to replace them with things you are more passionate about.

You Feel Stuck, Helpless, or Unmotivated

If you mostly feel stuck, lost or unmotivated, it’s time for you to reassess what is working and what isn’t for you. It’s normal to occasionally feel stuck and unmotivated when you’re deep in the throes of parenting. But if it’s becoming more persistent for you, you might need a life reset. And if you’re really in a helpless and unmotivated funk, you should seek help from a trusted source.

You can start with journaling to help you sort out your emotions and figure out what you need to focus on.

You’re Hyper Focused on One Goal and Ignoring the Rest of Your Life

This can be a slippery slope. To achieve a goal, you need to be laser-focused. When you’re trying to focus on too many things, nothing gets accomplished. But, of course, you need to find the right balance.

For example, if you’re trying to get healthy and you’re super focused on diet and exercise that you ignore the important relationships in your life, you’re never going to be healthy.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a mom, you’ve likely found yourself in any of the above categories. And you might feel like you’re too busy to even consider a “reset”. This probably won’t shock you, but that means you need a reset the most.

The important thing is to not complicate things. Don’t make your reset complicated! Just take a pause and some very deep breaths. Get out your journal, take a hot bath, go for a long, quiet walk, or plop your bum on a mediation pillow, and start figuring out how to reset your goals and simplify your life.