Where to Get COVID-19 Vaccinations in Columbus, Ohio


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In a recent post, I shared facts about COVID-19. In case you missed the post or want to reread it, here’s the link: We Can Do This

If you’d like to make an appointment for yourself or a family member to get COVID vaccine, the good news is that it is straightforward and convenient. There are numerous locations throughout Columbus. When I was scheduling a vaccine for my children, I was able to get an appointment that fit within their busy sports and school schedule.

Vaccine locations for COVIDBe sure to talk to a doctor if you have questions about COVID vaccines.

Places to Get a COVID Vaccine in Columbus


Schedule an appointment online for the first dose, second dose, or booster. There are locations all over Columbus.

Make an appointment using this link: Kroger



Depending on which location you pick, it will let you know if you are getting the Moderna two-dose or Pfizer-BioNTech two-dose. Booster shots are also available at Walgreens.

Make an appointment using this link: Walgreens



There’s an option to filter by vaccine brand and location on the website.

Make an appointment using this link: CVS


Nationwide Children’s

COVID vaccine scheduling is open to the general public for anyone over the age of 5. The available dates and times are listed on the website.

Make an appointment using this link: Nationwide Children’s


Ohio Health

Ohio Health offers vaccine scheduling, walk-ins (check the days, hours, and locations here: walk-ins), and pop-up vaccine events. The Pfizer vaccine is available at the pop-up events, and there’s limited availability of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Make an appointment and find the information for walk-ins and pop-up vaccine events using this link: Ohio Health


Giant Eagle

Select the applicable vaccine: Moderna (age 18+ years), Pfizer (age 12+ years), or Pfizer Pediatric (ages 5–11), and enter a ZIP code to determine the most convenient location.

Make an appointment using this link: Giant Eagle



COVID vaccines and boosters are available daily.

Make an appointment using this link: Meijer or text COVID to 75049. Messaging and data rates may apply.


Columbus Public Health

There are five Columbus Public Health Vaccine Clinics throughout Columbus offering walk-ins. Days and times vary by clinic. While supplies last, VAX Cash is available for the first dose. Booster doses are also available at these clinics. Call 614-645-1519, Monday–Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for any COVID questions.

View the clinic locations and hours using this link: Columbus Public Health


Ohio Department of Health

Enter some information to determine eligibility. Then, there’s a spot to enter a ZIP code. After that, available locations within a 20-mile radius will be displayed.

Fill out the questionnaire here to find the closest location: Ohio Department of Health


Mount Carmel

First, second, and booster doses are available here.

Make an appointment for ages 5–11 using this link: Mount Carmel

Make an appointment for ages 12+ using this link: Mount Carmel


In addition to the locations above, COVID vaccines are available at many doctor’s offices. Some schools are even providing vaccine clinics, so check if that is an option.

As a reminder, COVID vaccines are free regardless of health insurance or immigration status.

Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect our families and make life safer for everyone. #WeCanDoThis

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