Celebrating the Life and Legacy of MLK


We have closed out 2016 and have jumped right into the new year. In January, we celebrate the life and legacy of an important historical figure, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr. It is important to not just take a day off to relax but to remember why we celebrate this inspirational man.  He has inspired so many individuals to stand up for what they believe in. Dr. King was the leader of the Civil Rights movement; he spoke and campaigned tirelessly to change several laws in the United States. Ultimately, putting an end to discrimination. 

He was a powerful example of how one can make a difference. As you explore the life of Martin Luther King this January with your children, it is important to share his dream for our nation with them- his hopes, his ideals, and his impact. Encourage them to use what they’ve learned to help make a difference in their families, school/communities, and the world. They have the power to do and be anything they want to be. No dream is too big or too small!


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I hope this inspires you to take advantage of the holiday this year and every year! Dr. King’s legacy is an intricate part of American history and his beliefs in equality are essential to all aspects of our daily lives.                                                    


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