Christmas in Moderation


I am the first to admit I love the Christmas season. I am anxious to get the house decorated, a tree up, and cookies in the oven. I reflect on the past year, look at where I can give more time and more financial help to organizations close to my heart. As our children are getting older it is exciting to have them more aware of helping others as well. I’ll be writing a future post on ways to share the giving spirit with your children.

When I say moderation, I definitely do not mean the Christmas spirit… I’m talking gifts from Santa. I’m not sure when the shift from practical manageable, yet still magical became excessive but it sure seems like the old guy from the North Pole sure is upping his game these days. I’m not sure why, nor do I agree. Santa has been experimenting with gift giving in our home over the years and I think he has found a happy medium, one of moderation, yet still giving such joy to our children on Christmas morning. Our kids do get gifts from Mommy and Daddy, but just a few, because let’s be real… we need some credit! They each have a full stocking of fun items, too. In no way are they deprived by limiting the excess.

We’ve implemented to 4 items to our list making. I’m sure you’ve seen them all over Pinterest but I’ll recap the idea here:

Something you Want

Something you Need

Something to Wear

Something to Read

You can even throw in a bonus item of “I’d really love if you brought me ____”

All 3 of my kids have been ecstatic to make a list like this. They put thought and time into their wish list instead of writing down every toy they see. They are filled with excitement as they unwrap their gifts from Santa, Mom, and Dad on Christmas morning. They are no longer overwhelmed and exhausted with the stream of presents to open. With the help of this method, Santa has been pleased with a lighter sleigh and we are teaching moderation, needs vs. wants and it gives our family time to focus on the real Christmas spirit. Give it a try!

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Liz Renneker
Liz Renneker is an active mom to three and wife to one. After hiking, camping, skiing, and growing a family in Colorado for the past ten years her family has relocated back to their roots in the Buckeye State. A nurse by trade and with over 11 years of pediatric oncology experience she has found a second passion in helping other busy moms get fit. As a virtual healthy lifestyle coach- and she specializes in creating positivity, self-love, health and balance in the busy mom life. The right fitness program, nutrition plan, and support go a long way to obtain that balance and achievement. During the school year you can find Liz volunteering at the elementary school, exploring museums and parks with her youngest, transporting and cheering for the three at swim meets, soccer and basketball games, rock climbing lessons, piano and theatrical performances. She has been known to sneak in a triathlon here and there in addition to her early morning workout sessions. School breaks and summer are her favorite times of the year when she can explore and adventure with all three children and her hubby!