My Mother’s Day Wish List


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what is a mom’s best friend? A self-cleaning house that also magically restocks the fridge? A mom can dream, right? With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I put together a little wish list with to both get some great local gifts and maybe take something off your to-do list, simplifying your life….I say choose one of each!


Do you Juggle? Take the three oranges out of your hands and hear me out.  Need a night out, maybe a little help with the kids so you can take a little time to use the gift cards to some of the amazing places I’m going to mention in this post? (Spoiler alert) Juggle is an app created by four local moms where you can use networking to help with your childcare needs.  You can log on, connect, see who your friends have used for childcare, read their reviews and if you’re like me, take it a step further and text that friend and ask, “Ok, give me the details on Katie.” A gift card for childcare seems ironic for Mother’s Day? Nope, not for this mom. It’s a ticket to let me recharge and return from Paloma (another spoiler alert) better than ever.

Meal Prep 

If left to my own devices, with a 1 and 4-year-old, my lunch menu looks sort of like “scraps of mac & cheese, 2.75 chicken nuggets, 3 bites of an Uncrustable and a rolled up piece of deli meat”. Once I found Alchemy Meal Prep, to say it simplified my life would be an understatement. You’re not asking for JUST a gift card to a local café here. I am talking about flavor-packed, nourishing, heat and eat meals delivered to your door. (Check on delivery based on your location, but pickup is always available.) The only issue I see here is your significant other figuring out how delicious and easy the meals are and starting to take them for THEIR lunch. Oh and the breakfasts muffins, prepare to fight your children for them. In a pinch on the run with the kids for dinner? Problem solved.

food prep serviceJewelry 

Two locally mom-owned jewelry companies always come to mind when Mother’s Day “wants” are mentioned. I have two pieces from each line on my body at all times.

Cuffed by Nano has jewelry for the “modern babe.” Solid 14k gold and gold-filled pieces designed for everyday wear. Want to pick a meaningful mom option? Choose one of the many initial options and layer up your kiddo’s initials.

Local Mom of 2 started Stay Golden Collection, which is a welded, claspless jewelry collection available at pop-ups at local businesses and private parties. With nine classic 14k gold options, they can be customized into bracelets, anklets, necklaces or rings. Gift cards are available for both shops!



Did someone say SPA DAY?  I’m not talking about just a lovely massage or a facial here, ladies. I am talking about a SPA DAY. I’ve only had the opportunity to experience Paloma once after I was the lucky recipient of a gift card. From the outside, the building is completely unassuming. Walk through the doors and you’re teleported to a 5-star resort. An added benefit, if the gift giver in your life isn’t sure where to start? Paloma will curate a gift based on your likes or choose from one of their Spa Journeys. We are talking about a SPA EXPERIENCE. I walked out of the doors refreshed, recharged, relaxed and then after a 5-minute commute home snapped back into reality when I was greeted with “Can I have a snack?” as I walked in the door. Mom Life.


Have you ever opened a closet in your house and wondered if an actual bomb went off? Opened your washer and wondered if someone put rotten eggs in it? (I know you could smell that through the screen.) Did you know there’s an actual local mom of 3 that can HELP you? Enter stage left, Tracey Showalter from The Lighthouse Co. For me personally, I have two kids and a husband that I’d like to spend all of my time with. I work full time and a half, as I like to call it with 1.5 jobs. I also like to write and go out with friends. Actually, let’s just put it this way I like to do ANYTHING besides organizing THAT closet, THOSE drawers or figuring out how to take apart a washing machine. I love Tracey’s mission of “sometimes life feels heavy, but your house doesn’t have to.” Ask for a gift card to The Lighthouse Co and literally lighten your load at home.


Did you know that house plants actually take care of you? No, they don’t pick the kids up or grab groceries, but they do CLEAN. House plants can purify the air in your home by removing things like carbon dioxide, as studies have shown by NASA, not just Kim V in Ohio. Plants can also reduce stress and just add overall beauty to your home.  Now, if you’re like me and have been dubbed a plant murderer, you will want to choose something a little easier to maintain, like a Snake plant. But don’t take house plant advice from a house plant’s worse enemy….me. Stop into Jewelweed Flower & Plant Shop or Stump and speak with an actual qualified plant professional. 

Plants, jewelry, spa, food, extra time, organization….I actually hear, “These are a few of my favorite things” from The Sounds of Music playing in my head. These are just a few on my list for Mother’s Day. Drop some comments below if you have other local shops on your list, or look here for additional ideas! Happy Mother’s Day!

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Kimberly Verhoff
Kim is a mom of two living in Grandview with her husband, Doug. Georgia is almost four but going on 14, is a gymnastics obsessed, hula hooping, sweet girl who wants nothing more than to hug her little brother. Ford recently turned 1; while he walks around the house and daycare screaming “I love you,” he doesn’t love Georgia’s hugs quite yet. Kim grew up in a small town outside of Columbus, moved to Columbus to attend Ohio State and has been in the area ever since. Working in Medical Sales and as a Lead Trainer at System of Strength both in-studio and online, health and healthcare are a big passion of hers. Outside of work, she loves dining out at local restaurants, spending time at the park with her family and hanging out with her neighbors. She loves a good date night with her husband, a staycation in Columbus, or watching every episode of Dateline ever made. As a parent, the thoughts that most frequently cross her mind are “what just happened,” “what was that noise,” “what is that smell,” and “how did I get so lucky.” Kim is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of tacos, margaritas, pizza, cookies and red wine. (She said she likes health and balance, right?) Kim finds humor in the trenches of parenting, knowing that nothing lasts forever...the tough, seemingly endless phases. But also that nothing lasts forever...the sweet, baby and toddler time that seems to be moving in fast forward. Kim doesn’t have a poker face and is an open book. If you’d like to join her on her toddler oversharing adventures, you can find her at Kimberly.verhoff on Instagram.