How to do Random Acts of Kindness Day


February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day, a day dedicated to be filled with acts of kindness from all age groups. The nonprofit, Random Acts of Kindness, mission is “to [spread] kindness through schools, communities, and homes.” Their entire site is filled with inspirational messages and how to help teach children the act of being kind. This is a chance and opportunity for the whole family to get involved in brightening someone else day. Here is a list of simple ways to participate!

  1. Make mom/dad breakfast– What better way to be kind and show how much you love mom and dad than by making them breakfast when its not their birthday or a parent holiday!
  2. Donate to a charity/thrift store/refugee organization– This is a perfect way to help kids learn selflessness and compassion for those in need. It also applies to adults who may not have time to do a physical act but can contribute monetarily to an organization. 
  3. Help a neighbor with their yard– Snow season isn’t over yet and the elderly neighbor or single parent would most definitely appreciate help shoveling! 
  4. Write a letter– This is a broad topic because the letter can literally be to anyone! A sick relative, a friend having a hard time. Even the sibling who was just put in time out. I love this one and like to remember it throughout the year, but especially on RAK day.
  5. A simple smile to a stranger– I truly believe this goes a long way and it’s something I want to start implementing in my daily life. A smile can completely change a person, I know it has for me!
  6. Help with a homeless shelter– There are endless opportunities to help with homeless shelters. Serving dinners, donations, practicing interviews and/or refining job skills. Here is the directory to find one close to you. 
  7. Do someone else’s chore– Tell me one person who wouldn’t appreciate this gesture.
  8. Make a plate of treats for someone– There is always someone who would enjoy a plate of cookies or brownies!

This list barely graces the surface of the possibilities in how to participate in Random Acts of Kindness Day. I truly believe this day is a way to bring awareness in our selves on how we miss daily opportunities to show little moments of kindness. Our world is filled with negativity, heartbreak, and plenty of meanness. How great is this day to step away from all of that and find ways to apply its purpose more often in our everyday life?

Have you ever participated in Random Acts of Kindness Day? Let us know in the comments and what else we can add to this list!

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