The Best 50 Kids Gifts Under $50, by Age


Ever feel like you just don’t have the brain space to make one more decision or come up with one more creative gift idea for your kids or their friends? Me too! In a state of such mental fog I polled a few friends to come up with some go-to gifts for kids ages 1-10 that won’t break the bank. Here are our favorites to give, or that our kids enjoyed receiving. (I tried to stick with items that are mostly gender neutral, so I’ve left off things such as makeup, or more interest-led such as sports equipment.)

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Kids Gifts Ideas

1-Year-Old Gift Ideas

2-Years-Old Gift Ideas

3-Years-Old Gift Ideas

4-Years-Old Gift Ideas

5-Years-Old Gift Ideas

6-Years-Old Gift Ideas

7-Years-Old Gift Ideas

things to get kids for Christmas8-Years-Old Gift Ideas

9-Years-Old Gift Ideas

10-Years-Old Gift Ideas

Did your favorite kids gifts make the list? What would you add? For ideas on experience gifts, click here.

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