Valentine’s Day: Date Night In Ideas


Valentine’s Day date night 2021 may look a lot different for you this year, or if you are like me, not at all! I’m a homebody by nature and with little ones, my husband and I don’t get out much for date nights alone. With the addition of the pandemic this year, we started getting creative with our nights at home and trying some new things.

Below are a few of our favorite at home date night suggestions to try while staying in on Valentine’s Day this year or for any at home date night.

Date Night in a Box Subscription:

I ordered our fist date night in a box through Date Night In Box Home, when my son was born three years ago. Knowing it would be hard for us to get out of the house with a newborn and a toddler I wanted to have something for us to look forward to that would create an easy connection between us. Each box is themed with activities and interactive snacks to pair with the activities. It was perfect for the sleep deprived moments of life because we didn’t need to plan anything. All we had to do was open the box and read the instructions to have a fun night in.

Hunt a Killer Subscription:

My husband surprised me with the Hunt a Killer subscription a few months into the pandemic. I love a good murder mystery and getting into the details of a who-dun-it. Each box we received had new clues and goals to achieve to get closer to the killer. We had fun combing through all the clues each night a new box came and working together to solve the crime. Check out Hunt A Killer – Do You Have What It Takes?, to view the options available for the month.

Sweets From a Local Bakery:

If keeping it simple is more your style, check out a local bakery and some of the exciting ways to eat your way through Valentine’s Day. Sugar Rush Columbus – Bakery, Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes is offering a heart shaped “smash cake” in February for Valentine’s day that looks almost too yummy to smash open! Angie’s Rainbow Cookies is offering some Valentine’s day options that look savory and will deliver for a small fee. Need a Gluten free option? Check out: HOME | bake-me-happy.

DIY Options:

Feeling creative or want to contribute something more specialized for an at home Valentine’s Day celebration? Try to make your own heart shaped crush box. Buy a mold on Amazon here: 3D Diamond Heart Shape Silicone Cake Mold Trays. Create the shell with melted chocolate and fill it with your favorite candies. Then, take turns using the wooden hammer “crushing” it open.

Or you could try a take home Valentine’s Day craft kit at AR Workshops around town. Check out Valentine’s Day Custom Kits for some cool festive and decorative options.

Cameron Mitchell Cocktail Kits:

Looking forward to unwinding at home for Valentine’s Day this year? An at home cocktail kit may be the right fit for you. Cameron Mitchell is offering a cocktail kit equipped for two that includes everything you need to create a carefully crafted drink to celebrate love any day of the year. Most of the kits include local snacks as well! For more details check out, Cocktail Kits for Two | Cameron Mitchell Restaurants Cameron Mitchell Restaurants.

Beer and Sweets Pairings:

One of our favorite at home date nights recently was a take home beer and donut pairing. We ordered a beer tasting kit from a local brewery that also included local donut pairings. It was a unique way to try local and enjoy an easy, safe date night at home. Wolf’s Ridge Brewery is offering a take home beer and cookie set that looks delicious! Check out the options here: Cookies & Beer – Wolf’s Ridge Brewing.

Valentine's Day at homeDinner and Show:

If all else fails, a dinner and a show at home is a classic spin on a great date night. Many local restaurants are offering free delivery across the city, making for a convenient yet fancy dinner. Lindey’s Restaurant & Bar and Cap City Fine Diner are a few of my suggestions for a celebratory night in, like Valentine’s Day.

Sitting through a whole movie after a long day of parenting may seem like a commitment, but a bingeworthy show is totally doable. Here are a few of my favorite shows, I suggest watching as a couple on Valentine’s Day: Normal People on Hulu, The Undoing on HBO, Bloodline on Netflix, The Marvelous Mrs. Mazel on Amazon, The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix, Perry Mason on HBO, The Stranger on Netflix, Riviera on AMC+ or Sundance, This Much Is True on HBO, Love Craft Country on HBO and The Queens Gambit on Netflix.

Or if you are looking for a romantic series, check out these options- Netflix Favorites: Romance Edition.

Virtual Valentine’s Day Party

Pre-order the pizza kit from the partnership of Mickey’s Late Night Slice and Hot Chicken Takeover and participate in the 6:00 pm virtual Pizza Party.

We all know that quality time with our partner is important and I hope some of these suggestions make your Valentine’s Day, or any date night memorable, even if you are stuck at home!