4 Best Kid-Friendly Breweries in Columbus

My 4-year-old loves watching the trains at Nocterra

When my husband and I first moved to Columbus, I worked from home most of the time — which means, I had few opportunities to actually explore Columbus. 

Then, the Columbus Ale Trail was introduced. 

It was the perfect opportunity to have a reason to explore different areas of Columbus. Since it launched right as our son was born, my husband and I explored Columbus breweries with our newborn son … and newborn daughter 2.5 years later. (side note: I know you’re all already quoting Sweet Home Alabama. “You have a baby! …. in a bar.”)

We’ve learned a lot over the past four years about which breweries/clientele are ok to bring kids to, which ones aren’t, and which ones actually encourage kids to be there. Here are my favorite recommendations for active toddlers and preschoolers….

Nocterra Brewing Co. | Powell

With an ideal location and vibe, Nocterra was built for families. The entrance features a massive chalkboard wall with chalk, toys and games for kids to hang out in while parents grab a beer. Outside, there is a massive lawn for kids to run around in. The best part (in my kids’ opinions) is that the building is an old train station with a working railroad right next door. Stopping by right after work, my kids can watch anywhere from 1-3 trains go by.

At least once a month, they also feature nights for kids: visits from the zoo, the reptile guy and the brewery is PACKED with families.

Land Grant Brewing Co. | Franklinton 

Land Grant’s massive beer garden makes this a great spot to bring kids who just want to run around. Fenced in an away from the road, I don’t worry that the kids are running around, especially since there are usually other kids running around too. Even when the weather is nice, the brewery expects kids. There may not be activities in the taproom, but I’ve never been there without seeing a few families.

SIP Brewery
Somewhere in Particular has a skeleton at the entrance that kept the kids entertained.

Somewhere in Particular Brewing | Northwest Columbus (OSU Airport area)

Similar to Land Grant, the appeal of Somewhere in Particular (SIP) is the massive lawn behind the brewery. When we were there, they had a massive yard pong game set up on the yard so the kids spent an hour and a half climbing in and out of the garbage cans after the balls. It’s also just a cool (but small) vibe inside that is incredibly different than other breweries in the area.

Seventh Son Brewing Co. | Italian Village

Seventh Son’s Family Fun Days are an amazing outing for kids. The expanded space on the second level gives the brewery a lot more room to host families and events. 

However, I add this one with a caveat. We have found that outside of family day events, the brewery clientele, seems thrown off and a little annoyed by kids being there. 

kids at breweries in cbus

Other Columbus breweries contenders that have games for kids maybe a little older than mine include: Ill Mannered, Olentangy Brewing, Lineage Brewing, and Random Precision. What breweries did I miss that are great for kids of different ages?