5 Reasons To Love Goldfish Swim School


Disclosure:: This post is Sponsored by Goldfish Swim School, but all opinions are my own.

If you’ve read the previous posts about Goldfish Swim School, it should come as no surprise that I love the experience my family has had with Goldfish Swim School.  Here are five reasons I’ve been impressed with Goldfish Swim School in Columbus:

Goldfish Dublin1. The Staff

All of the staff members that we’ve encountered have always gone above and beyond to be friendly, welcoming and helpful.  The swim instructors are highly trained and are very personable with children.  They’ve helped my children feel comfortable in the water and encouraged my kiddos to go beyond their comfort zone.  At the end of each lesson, the instructors give each parent a quick update on your child’s progress.  I’m always impressed with the individual details and the explanation they give to me about how we can work on these skills outside of class.

2. The Facility

Both Goldfish locations in Columbus are bright, colorful and have a tropical theme.  There are lots of changing rooms, a huge waiting area with glass windows and rows of chairs for parents to watch the lessons and a small play area to keep the kiddos that are in lessons entertained.  After swim lessons your children can use the showers close to the pool to rinse off.  My daughter always insists on sitting on the surf board to blow dry her hair.

3. Water Temperature

The water temperature at Goldfish is 90 degrees year-round.  Not having to fight with my children to get into cold water is such a win in my book.  When it is cold and dreary outside, it’s nice to walk into Goldfish and feel like you’re on vacation.

4. The Themes

Each month Goldfish has a theme such as Wild West, Jungle, Circus, Pirates, etc.  To coordinate with the theme, they are coloring pages and trinkets that children can select from a bowl on the counter.  For the younger tots, the instructors even try to incorporate the theme within some of their instruction.  For instance, during the jungle theme month they might have the children pretend like they are monkeys swimming through the water as they are reaching with their arms to get across the water.  This is yet another way that Goldfish tries to make things fun and exciting for children.

5. Community Involvement

Goldfish has a strong presence in the community.  You’ll often find the mascot, Bubbles at various events such as parades and safety presentations.  Goldfish staff and their families have participated and community service events such as planting trees in Dublin.  Recently, Goldfish won the PRism Award for community relations.  Goldfish is very passionate about spreading the message of water safety.

Beyond these great reasons, you’ll find even more about my experience in these posts: Individual Attention at Goldfish Swim School and Water Safety:: Goldfish Swim School.