Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports Facility is a Perfect Spot for a Birthday Party and So Much More!

Sponsored Post: A big thank you to Destination Hilliard for organizing this birthday party and to Bo Jackson's Elite Sports for hosting us.
Are you curious to know what’s inside the big white dome in Hilliard? A few members of our Columbus Moms Blog Team along with our children recently had an afternoon of fun at the Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports Facility. Both the parents and kids were shocked with all of the amazing features contained inside the dome. We can’t wait to share our experience with you.
Bo Jackson's Sports 
My 5 year old son loved kicking around the soccer ball on the huge field! He was enthralled by watching the batters in the cages and the people playing on the full sized baseball field. It was a little boy’s dream! He talked about the dome for the rest of the night after the party and even tried to recreate it with his Legos! Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports has an amazing facility for birthday parties and increasing your sports performance! It’s unbelievable what they’ve fit inside!
During our visit to the Bo Jackson Dome, I was super impressed with the kindness of the staff, the overall facility and the ability to do a “make-your-own” birthday party. My kids are big into “Ninja Warrior” type TV shows, so when they took one look at the Gauntlet, it was all over!
The Gauntlet is a 42′ tall climbing center that has several versions of getting to the top. There are the traditional rock walls and then there is a “Face 2 Face” climbing challenge. This challenge pits you and your opponent on matching climbing course, looking at each other through Plexiglas as you race to the top! There are also chimney climbs and cargo net climbs. Our guide, Aaron, said that if the kids were really set on utilizing the Gauntlet for a birthday party, the team at Bo Jackson’s could put together an obstacle course (Ninja Warrior-style) that would truly make any kids’ birthday amazing! 
With 114,000 square feet to play in, my kids were happy and worn out after our two-hour playdate. And that made this mama equally as happy! 
The kids were over the moon as soon as we stepped into the Bo Jackson Dome. And I have to admit, I was very impressed myself. Even though I have never played baseball or football, I suddenly had the urge to try out the batting cages and start a pick up game on the turf! My first thought was how cool would this be for a date night? Scaling the climbing wall together on the Gauntlet or the death defying Leap of Faith? Maybe even just checking out the batting cages together. 
As for my children, they had so much fun there and I could tell how knowledgeable the staff was on sports science and sports medicine. Introducing my young children to their soccer training program or baseball buddy program will give me the confidence that while they are starting to learn the physical skills of the game, they will also be learning the correct movements for their future physical development. 
My children were so eager to rush through the doors and couldn’t believe all of the options inside. We had the huge field to ourselves so they participated in soccer, throwing a football and an obstacle course.  The kids wanted to test out the track and raced against one another.  It was a wonderful way to tire them out!
As soon as we got into the car my 5 year old daughter asked if she could have her upcoming birthday party at Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports Facility. Of course my son loved that idea too because he likes staying active. My son is eager to head back and try out the batting cages to help prepare for baseball this spring.  
Without a doubt, the children enjoyed themselves and the parents did too.   
The Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports facility sure is a sight to be seen. The state of the art equipment and ideas within this establishment are really impressive. From a training space for athletes, to birthday parties, to team building, to camps you will find options to keep kids and adults busy all year long!
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