Charleys New Restaurant Concept Opens in Columbus

We've partnered with Charleys Philly Steaks to tell you more about their new restaurant concept.

Finding a place to eat where the whole family is satisfied with the menu choices can be difficult. As the mom of two young children, I know the battle oh too well! I was so excited to hear that Charleys created a new restaurant concept that includes chicken fingers because that is one food my children will devour.  I attended the preview night at the new E. Broad location and was very impressed. It’s a relaxing and fun sports-themed atmosphere with many tables to sit and enjoy a meal.  There were several TV’s hanging up around the restaurant, which I know my husband would love!

High Quality Food

  • Creating a healthier version of chicken fingers was really important to Charleys founder, Charley Shin. Charleys new chicken fingers are made with fresh, never frozen all-white meat, hand-battered and cooked in 100% pure olive oil.
  • The chicken fingers are cooked in olive oil to enhance the flavor, but it also has health benefits, boasting lower cholesterol than other oils and serving up more nutrients like Vitamins E and K.
  • Currently, the chicken fingers are ONLY available at the new E. Broad location.  A second location will feature chicken fingers and is expected to open next year at the Graceland shopping center.

Additional Menu Options

  • In addition to the chicken fingers at the new E. Broad location, you’ll find seven flavorful dipping sauces, Texas toast, coleslaw and the regular menu items.
  • Over 25 years ago, Charley opened the first location on The Ohio State University campus and featured Philly cheesesteaks.  There are now over 500 locations and a menu that continues to expand.
  • The bread used for the cheesesteaks is really fresh.  I love to pair my meal with the fries (adding cheese and bacon to it makes it even more of a treat!)

chicken-fingersCharleys Kids

  • Charleys Kids is a non-profit organization that provides basic necessities and mentorship for impoverished children around the world and in the United States.  Locally, Charleys Kids has supported organizations including City Life Center in Franklinton and SON Ministries in Hilliard.
  • There are collection boxes at Charleys locations and 100% of the money collected goes to help the children.

charleys-kidsIt was great to meet Charley Shin and hear directly from him about how enriching the lives of his team members and making customers happy is his mission.

Charleys CEO
                     Charley Shin: Founder and CEO


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