Columbus: My Adult Hometown

Every Columbus transplant has a story of how they came to call the city home. A job, a significant other, or maybe just a change of place. As I have reflected on ten years of being a Columbus resident, I say it has become home and the place I was always meant to live.
It was the summer of 2012 when I packed up my whole life and moved into my first apartment, two hours away from everything I had ever known. My reason for coming here, I just always knew I would not live my whole life in my hometown. So I took a chance that my future could be in Columbus. I could not have been more excited to explore everything that central Ohio had to offer.
Restaurants, shopping, parks, and the list could go on and on. I still love that there is always something fun to try. Columbus has continued to grow and thrive in the last ten years. There is always something new to check out in the ever-expanding Columbus.
Summer 2012 was memorable as I explored the running trails along the Scioto. The epic firework show of Red, White & Boom. Afternoons poolside enjoying those perfect summer days (oh, those pre-kids, night shift working days really helped my tan!). Countless restaurants as I discovered the best go-to family restaurants.
I finally found a home when Saturdays in the fall mean football. It is acceptable to plan all Saturday plans around game times from September to December. A true college football fan dream. I will always root for the wrong team, but I try to limit eye rolls and comments to just that Saturday in November and am thankful that family and friends tolerate my choice of football team.
The luck of real estate eight years ago, My future husband and I found a lovely home in a quiet neighborhood in Westerville, my husband’s hometown close to multiple parks, uptown life, schools all within walk-able distance, family and friends.
I became a mom and lived through a pandemic in Columbus. Yet, in all the change, uncertain and unprecedented times of the last two years, one thing I never questioned was that I knew I was home. Central Ohio has become home and couldn’t imagine anywhere else raising my kids. I know I found the perfect place for my family!
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What’s your favorite part of Columbus?

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Nicole Fluty
Nicole was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. She graduated with her bachelors in nursing from the University of Toledo in 2009. In 2012, she moved to Columbus for a big city, single girl life, but as life would have it, started dating her husband six months later and the rest is history. She joined the motherhood club in May 2016 with the birth of son Austin and welcomed daughter Madelyn in July 2019. When not keeping up with her two kids, she works full time. On weekends, a favorite activity is getting together with friends that have multiple kids and enjoying the chaos of three year olds and babies, while attempting to watch a whole football game without tears or reminding a kid to share. Nicole’s top three ways for self-care are a quick run in her neighborhood, a glass of wine, and retail therapy. She considers brunch the best meal of the day with a mission to find the best places for french toast in Columbus.