Columbus Play Date Spots for Parents of Multiples



Taking more than one child of the exact same age, out in public can be one daunting task. I am a mom of twin girls. When my girls were young it was such a challenge. It was very difficult to find areas of town to take my children that I felt comfortable tackling solo. I luckily found a great support group through the Columbus Moms of Multiples Club and with their help we conquered the outside world together.

Here is a list of my favorite “go-to” spots for multiples. Many of these are geared for the 2.5 under age group.

Some of the things I looked before heading out to a play date are as follows:

  • Double Stroller Accessibility
  • Enclosure (minimal exits)
  • Visibility (Can I see both of them easily?)


  1. Schiller Park German Village

    • Why it works: There is a section of the park that is fenced in with low climbing structures along with many infant swings.
    • Things to Consider: you will have to use your double stroller to get to the park.  Parking options include street parking or parking in the lot at the community center.
    • Address: 1069 Jaeger St, Columbus, OH 43206
    • Website: Schiller Park
  2. Gantz Park

    • Why it works: This park is also fenced with one opening to for the kids who like to escape. You can easily see the entire play structure.
    • Things to Consider: During the school year, this park is used for a playground for the preschool located in the red building next-door.
    • Address: 2255 Home Rd, Grove City, OH 43123
    • Website: Gantz Park
  3.  Funk-ee Town Park Harrison Park

    • Why it Works: Wonderful park for the 2 and under crowd with very low play structures and fenced in! This park is also mulch free. (Check out this post with other playgrounds in the Columbus area that are mud free: Parks with Alternative Surfaces
    • Things to Consider: Parking is on the street so you will need your double stroller. While in the area, think about stopping at one of this other places: Visitor’s Guide to the West Side of Columbus
    •                           Funk-ee Town Park
    • Address: 1018 Harrison Park Pl, Columbus, OH 43201
    • Website: Funk-ee Town Park Harrison Park

4 .    Jeffery Mansion and Park

    • Why it Works: Another fenced in park that is also mulch free and has small fun play structures!
    • Things to Consider: Sometimes parking can be tricky on weekends.
    • Address: 165 N Parkview Ave, Bexley, OH 43209
    • Website: Jeffery Mansion and Park


  1. Grove City Church of the Nazarene Play Space “The Naz”

    • Why it Works: The Naz has a very large play-structure that is free for use. Next to the large climbing area is an enclosed play area for the toddlers that has slides and some other fun toys. It is great because it keeps the littles away from the big kids. You can also easily get your double stroller into the building just leave it out side of the play area.
    • Things to Consider: Make sure you have socks for the play area.  No food is allowed in the play area, so if you need to snack you have to move out to the table.
    • Address: 4770 Hoover Rd, Grove City, OH 43123
    • Website: The Naz Commons
  2. Grandview Heights Story-time

    • Why it Works: This is the perfect spot for the littles, the toddler and baby-lap story-times are in fully enclosed spaces! You can easily get your double stroller in the building and down the ramps to the children’s area which is on the lower level.  Please see website for Story-time details: Grandview Heights Library
    • Things to consider: There is a children’s play area next to the story-time room that is not enclosed. Therefore,  if your children want to play there after story-time,  just be mindful that they can wander.
    • Address: 1685 W 1st Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
    • Website: Grandview Heights Library
  3. Graeter’s Scoops and Shoots Indoor Playground

    • Why it works: This space is free, there are smaller slides for the toddlers, it is clean, and enclosed (just make sure you close the double doors when you walk in)
    • Things to consider: It can get very busy and bigger kids can come in to play. You must have socks and if you forget them they sell them for a $1 at the counter. Also, good luck getting out of there without getting your kids ice cream (ha ha).
    • Address: 2555 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220
    • Website: Graeter’s Scoops and Shoots Indoor Playground
  4. Polaris Play Area

    • Why it works: There is only one exit people! This makes the zone defense a lot easier when solo with the kids you can just stand by the exit.
    • Things to consider: Go early to avoid the crowds and avoid it on the weekends.
    • Address:
    • Address: 1500 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus, OH 43240 (The Polaris Mall Play Area is located on the lower level by JCPenny.)
    • Website: Polaris Fashion Place
    • indoor play area
           Polaris Fashion Place Play Area


    •        Worthington Mall Play Area

      5. Fun in the Jungle

      • Why it Works: There are multiple activities and things that would appeal to kids of all ages. The large kids play area has a soft toddler play zone, lots of slides and tunnels and safari kid cars. There’s seating in that area along the wall for parents to sit and a gate to keep kids in or out of that play area. In the back, there are mini bowling lanes, virtual reality games, and arcade games. There’s also a mini cafe with food and drinks.  Please see the website for hours and prices: Fun in the Jungle
      • Things to Consider: They are closed on Mondays.
      • Address: 345 McGill St, Sunbury, OH 43074
      • Website: Fun in the Jungle

                Fun in the Jungle