Individual Attention at Goldfish Swim School


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From the moment I stepped into the Dublin location of Goldfish Swim School I knew this was an amazing facility. You enter into a tropical-themed space with bright colors, lots of light and warm temperatures. Who wouldn’t want to take swim lessons here?

Dublin Goldfish Swim SchoolClass sizes at Goldfish are capped at four swimmers. I love that these small class sizes maximize the amount of swim time my children have each session. We all know it’s not the easiest feat getting little ones dressed in their swim gear and out of the door in time for class, so I want to make sure they are practicing their swimming skills and not just sitting at the edge watching others. Also, the pool temperature is kept at 90 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about kids dreading the cold water.

With only a few students to manage at once, the instructors are able to personally get to know each child. My children are greeted by name and with smiles at the start of each class. The friendly instructors really help make my children feel comfortable and safe.

It’s evident that these instructors are trained to work with small children. In fact, each swim instructor is Ellis-Trained.  This means your child is with a dedicated staff member who’s received up to date training on aquatic safety.

Children progress through the levels at their own pace.  Once they’ve demonstrated that they have mastered the skills in one level they are ready to move on. There’s always lots of excitement and celebration from my children when they get their Student Progress Report and ribbon. And, let’s not forget that proud mom moment. When we fist started lessons last year, I was shocked that it only took my son two lessons to advance to the next level. I was so glad to know that the Goldfish staff members were assessing his ability and determined he was ready for more of a challenge.

GoldFishSwimProgressIn the class, they talk about the different skills they are working on. It’s always fun to hear my kids talk about the Superman glide or Sea Otter Back Float when they are practicing their skills outside of their lesson.

The spacious waiting room and massive glass window allow parents the opportunity to keep an eye on what’s happening in class. Parents are invited in at the end of each session to get a little update of what skills were worked on in class. Each child has their shining moment as they get to demonstrate a skill they want to show off. This really helps give them a sense of accomplishment and to build their confidence.

There are extra staff members on deck that are monitoring the safety of the pool and can help if needed.

I’ve had such a positive experience at Goldfish Swim School and have seen so much growth in my children’s skills. As pool season is approaching, it is reassuring to know that they are both capable swimmers thanks to the individualized instruction at Goldfish Swim School.

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