Lazer Kraze Crazy!


Two CMB contributors, Heather and Jessica, and their children spent an August afternoon at Lazer Kraze and Trampoline Park in Gahanna with a combined six kids, ages 6-11. Thank you to Lazer Kraze for this awesome opportunity to play and review your facility! Here’s their experience:





Jessica – You walk through the front doors and into the arcade. There was a nice selection of games, with various required credits, and the kids were able to stretch their $5 game cards over many games. Earned tickets loaded onto the game cards, so we didn’t have to keep track of long strips of tickets – it was almost hands-free.

Heather – It was an appropriate size – there were plenty of games, but it was not the main attraction, so we didn’t feel like we had to spend extra money there, and our kids were able to have lots of fun with their $5 game cards. This was great for the younger kids in our group. It provided a place to play while the older girls competed in Cyber Sport. The games were clean and fun. My kids always love redeeming their earned points for small toys and candy at the prize counter.

Cyber Sport

Heather and Jessica sent super Aunt Jessica, also known as Heather’s younger sister, into Cyber Sport with four of the kids. The game is a combination of lacrosse and basketball on custom-designed Cyber Cars. Players must be 54” tall to play, and it requires a higher skill level to maneuver the cars while tossing the ball between teams and attempting to score. All of the kids agreed that while it was fun, it was also challenging.


Trampoline Park

Jessica – We did a 30-minute jump session, which began with a short safety meeting. The meeting was nice because it gave us time to put on the jump socks with grippers. After jumping for 10 minutes, we played a 15-minute game of dodge ball (by that time I was tired from jumping!). I wasn’t expecting it, but it was fun for us moms to be included in the jumping (though we almost lost our bladders!). It was a great workout and our entire group enjoyed it.

Heather – I was surprised at how much fun I had jumping with my kids. They loved seeing me do tricks too. It was a lot of work jumping for 30-minutes, because of all of the other activities that afternoon. The trampoline park seemed safe, was well-lit, and had a small seating area where you could take a quick break, or watch other jumpers. You can save your jump socks and launder them at home to save $1 off your next jump session.


The Ultimate Laser Tag

Jessica – There were a lot of upfront directions (mission briefing), which was overwhelming, but once we got inside, it was a lot of fun. There were two levels with many places to hide, and the game seemed like just the right amount of time at 20 minutes.



Heather – This was my first time playing laser tag. Each player suits up with a laser vest and attached gun, where their code name and points are displayed. My 6-year-old son can be afraid of new situations/sensory experiences, especially in the dark, so he stayed right next to me, but really had a great time playing. I didn’t catch all of the directions in the mission briefing so I wasn’t sure how to score extra points beyond shooting the opposing team, but I caught on quickly. Our entire group enjoyed the mission. When you exit, your scores are displayed on a big monitor in the lobby.



Jessica – They could not have been nicer. They were attentive, prompt and catered to our every need.

Heather – The staff was so friendly. They were engaging, and communicated well with the children, unlike some other family fun places in town. They explained and enforced the rules appropriately, and they seemed like they enjoyed their jobs.

Food & Drink

We were treated to pizza and drinks in the Radium Glow party room, which the kids loved. It was quite good and we had worked up an appetite playing! The food options were a little limited but appropriate for the kind of place it is.





The entire facility was very clean, though we wish there had been more than one hand sanitizer station. There are only a few tables in the arcade/lobby area.

Overall value / impression


Trampoline Park

Cyber Sport


Our afternoon of play would have cost $241 for a group of 11 (4 adults and 7 kids), with a breakdown of $8 per person for laser tag (or $14 for two sessions), $12 per person for Cyber Sport (only 5 players in our group) and $9.50 per person for the Trampoline Park. We received $5 game cards per person (total $55), and the pizza/drink.

Because each game/activity is priced separately, families are able to mix and match, based on their budget and children’s interests. Before you go, we would also suggest checking out their specials.

Jessica – I was surprised at how busy it was, and it was a little hard to find because it is tucked back behind other businesses on N. Hamilton Road in Gahanna. The facility is not overly huge, and I felt like I could always see my kids. My kids enjoyed the laser tag and the trampoline park the most. We will definitely be back! It was an awesome experience!

Heather – It was a great way to end our summer break with a place that allowed everyone to play! I like that families can pick and choose which activities to do, otherwise, it might be a little too expensive to do everything during every visit. The facility was tucked back, but there is lots of parking. We really enjoyed everything, but my family voted the laser tag mission as their favorite!

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Jessica is a native of Cleveland, OH (well, a small town 30-minutes outside of CLE, Perry, have you heard of it?!) who moved with her family of five to Columbus in 2014 on a giant leap of faith. Columbus has not disappointed from Day One. She is mom to three great kids, Sadie (7), Colin (5) and Elise (3). Somehow the kids ended up each being 26-months apart, something this not-so-mathematically inclined mama definitely did not plan! She’s been married to her husband Brian for ten years and credits him for (mostly) keeping her crazy in check. Her work is one of her passions – she works media relations in the field of organ, eye and tissue donation. Her job brings her great pride and joy and she actually looks forward going into work every single day. Her other passion is advocating for stage four breast cancer research. Jessica lost her mom in 2013, after a two-year, harrowing road with cancer. She tries to raise awareness for the spread of breast cancer and to educate others on supporting causes that fund stage four research to save lives. Jessica recently won her first Blue Ribbon at the Ohio State Fair for “Button Price” a button art (yes, that’s a thing) rendition of Prince (the singer and purple legend), loves Beyoncé, will never turn down the opportunity of a mid-Saturday nap and is excited to continue exploring this great city we live in!