National Deep Dish Pizza Day – April 5th



Deep Dish Pizza

Say what? Yep, it’s a holiday. First declared as a National Holiday in 2009, National Deep Dish Pizza day honors Chicago’s contribution to American pizza cuisine. It was designated seven years ago to honor UNO’s beginning 65 years earlier. Despite some disagreement, Ike Sewell, founder of UNO’s, is largely recognized for creating the original Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, and therefore given indirect credit for this somewhat new, national holiday!

It might not be as popular or festive as the recently celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, or as meaningful as other holidays celebrated around this time of year (Easter and Passover). If you are a fan of pizza, however, especially thick-buttery crusted, cheesy, chunky tomato-topped, deep-dish, then you have really reason to celebrate on April 5th!

When this topic was offered as a choice to write about, I jumped on it.  I cannot emphasize how much I love authentic, Chicago deep-dish pizza.  Living six hours east of the Windy City, I have been determined for years to find a place locally in the Columbus area that tantalizes my tastebuds the way Gino’s East, Lou Malnati’s, and Giordano’s does. I liken my love of deep-dish pizza, to my husband’s love of quality, craft beer.

I really did my research on this topic.  My added girth is testament to my dedication to this writing piece.  I tried (sometimes for the second or third time) all the local places that I could find that serve deep dish pizza in the Columbus area.  Although, some die-hard, deep dish-loving Chicagoans may disagree, you can enjoy some incredibly impressive, very, very tasty Chicago-style deep dish pizza knock-offs in the Columbus area.

If you are in the Short North area – Check out Fabian’s Chicago Style Pizza Place

located at 601 N. High St. Columbus, Ohio  #614.221.8240

If you are in the Grandview/Upper Arlington area – Check out Meisters’ Pizza

1168 Chambers Rd. Columbus, Ohio #614 725-1131

If you are in the Westerville area– check out Giordano’s Pizza

2137 Polaris Parkway Columbus, Ohio 43240 #614-852-4330 

NOTE:  The amount of time it takes to bake a deep dish pizza is usually around 45 – 50 minutes.  Some of these places deliver, depending on where you live.  Some of the places on here might be a trek from where you live, or are not really equipped for eating in with young families. So do your research before heading out with your little ones.  A good alternative, and actually one of the more authentic, Chicago deep-dish pizzas (in my opinion) is a frozen Gino’s East pizza found in the freezer section of Kroger (if you are not able to actually make it to one of these great pizzerias).  Also, to you relocated Chicagoans, I don’t know whether it is the theory of “you can never go back” implying things do not seem as good as they were when you originally experience them, or if like me, your taste-buds have encrypted specifications that only Gino’ East, Lou Malnati’s, or Giordano’s will completely suffice – I can’t really say any of these pizza places really nailed all facets of what I consider a Chicago-style deep-dish on the head, but they sure are a very delicious tasty substitute for all of you  deep-dish lovers.


Family Activities for Deep Dish Pizza Day

I really hope you are able to support one of the great, local Columbus Deep Dish Pizzerias on, or around April 5th!  Depending on the age of your child/children, I have provided a few ideas of how to keep your children entertained or educated during the 45 – 50 minute waiting time.  Enjoy!

Math –

*You can discuss parts of a circle (radius, diameter, circumference).

*You can discuss fractions, equivalent fractions, and percentages by discussing the portions of the pizza.

*You can discuss how to figure out the taxes on the total cost of the pizza, the tip, and how much change you should get back if you are paying in cash.

*You can talk about linear measurement (in both customary and metric units of measurement).  (e.g. how thick is the pizza?  how many inches across is the pizza?)

Science –

*You can discuss the nutrition of the toppings.

*You can discuss the liquid quantity of the sauce.

Social Studies –

*You can research the history behind pizza, especially deep dish.

*You can show your children on a world map, all the places where different styles of pizza originated.

Language Arts –

*You can teach your kids about adjectives and describe the pizza in different ways.

*You can read picture books with your children. (e.g. Pete’s a Pizza, Knight’s of the Round Table)

The Arts –

*Your family can create a commercial (even creating an iMovie) or jingle advertising the pizza.

*You can draw/color a paper advertisement for the pizza place.


Please let me know if you check out any of these places with your family and/or do any of the above activities!  Happy Deep Dish Pizza Day!