National Siblings Day: Sisters Make The Best of Friends


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Today is National Siblings Day!

There are many things that you can choose in this life, and your family is not one of them. This special day acknowledges the oh-so-important and never duplicated brothers or sisters in our lives.

There are no words to express how much I love my little sister. Without a doubt, she is my best friend! Whether we’re doing absolutely nothing, hanging out or inevitably freaking out, having a sister to do it with makes it all the more fun.

As much as some of us probably wouldn’t like to admit, siblings play an important role in each other’s lives. Sibling relationships can often be the MOST intense relationships one will ever have; often involving support, love, competition and conflict. Like it or not, we often learn how to resolve conflict, handle relationships, closeness, competition, lend support and play from the interactions with our siblings.

If you’ve been blessed to have a sister, then you know what it’s like to have a built-in partner in crime. So, for my sister– and every other sister–this is for you!

The beauty of having a sister in your life usually includes the following:

  • She knows when you’re bluffing.
  • She knows what you are thinking,
    without having to say anything.
  • She can be your personal stylist via pictures sent from your phone (perfect for sisters living across several states).
  • You can tell her your most embarrassing moments, which you wouldn’t dare tell ANYONE!
  • She’s the only one who will laugh at your jokes.
  • She knows pretty much everything about you- the good, the bad and the ugly. And she will never judge you for it!
  • It’s already a given who will be your Maid of Honor, without causing an all out war between your friends.
  • She was, unfortunately, right by your side when your mother forced you to dress alike in hideous outfits as a child.
  • She gives you the side eye (unspoken cue) when you’re being random. 
  • She will ALWAYS tell you when you look a hot mess. And, of course, when you look beautiful.
  • She’s the first person you call when you have a problem. And without hesitation, she comes running.
  • She will always tell it to you straight.
  • She’s always down for whatever, even if it’s just watching movies or DVR while lounging on the couch.
  • She might not offer the soundest advice when your in a bind, but at least she offers…right?
  • She’s a constant and reliable source of love, support, and encouragement.
  • Best. Inside. Jokes. Ever. (resulting in laughing hysterically)
  • She is the only friend that truly has your best interest at heart.
  • No one knows your true self like she does.
  • She will love your children as much as you do.
  • She’s your ride-or-die. Regardless of what happens, she’s always got your back.

Overall, siblings can make the best of friends or the best foes (depending on the particular day and fight). Regardless, if you only have one or several sibling(s), no one could ever replace them. Love them unconditionally, treat them with respect, value your relationship and acknowledge their importance in your life!

 Today, I honor my best friend and love of my life–my sister, Erin. I love you to the moon and back!

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