Our Last Splash


This post was sponsored by Goldfish Swim School – Dublin and Goldfish Swim School – Westerville, but all the opinions expressed here are totally my own.

At Goldfish Swim School, there are large glass windows behind which the parents sit to watch the lessons. Parents get to stay dry. So you’ll have to excuse me if you recently found yourself in the splash zone thanks to my ugly tears on my son’s last day of swimming lessons (for now? We’ll see!).

Yes, you guys – I legitimately cried. And just for context, I didn’t even cry when we took this kid’s crib apart and put him in his big boy bed.

I’m either that crazy (totally plausible) or that’s how much the whole Goldfish crew has truly meant to us.

We’ve had weekly visits here for 2 1/2 years. My oldest started a few months after they opened because we had heard such rave reviews — not just from mom friends around town, but my husband was also hearing it come up among his co-workers. My youngest started a few months later. We feel like part of the family!

Bye bye, Bubbles

It’s really been a privilege for me to get to share how much I’ve loved our experience there. Yes, like I’ve said before, these are sponsored posts, but I absolutely positively sang their praises through every channel I could before I was officially writing about them.

To see the skills and the confidence my kids have gained there has been invaluable. It’s more than just an activity to keep them busy or to burn off energy. They are comfortable and safer in the water, which is something they won’t lose.

So as much as it pains me to part ways (for now! Who knows? We can always come back!), the time feels right. With a set of skills mastered that gives me the confidence to pack away the floaties and other activities filling our days, evenings and weekends, it’s time for us to move on.

We leave with only glowing things to say — and the promise that we will be back for a family swim soon!